2014-01-04 Gratitude List

Thinking of all the things I am grateful for today. In no particular order…

Beautiful snow reflecting the sunlight.

A warm bed and apartment for myself and my family.

Inspiration for future art projects.

New friends and family to spend time with and who support each other.

Oracle cards.

Yummy pineapple bake leftover from the holidays.

Hugs from my son.

A cute frilly skirt with hot pink leggings.

Having everything I need for today.

Comforting messages from angels when I have no idea how a situation will turn out.

Willingness to be with myself and others wherever we are emotionally.

Working technology and endless opportunities to meet others using it.

Strong legs, nimble fingers and a healthy body.

Paint.  It’s so pretty!

The desire to be in the world.

Understanding that the body is just a vessel for the spirit on this plane. 

Believing there is more to the world than what we see with our eyes.

Patience to have life unfold.

Joy for the experiences along the way.

Jelly beans.

Opportunities to help others.

Opportunities to ask for help.

Increasing psychic abilities. (Even if I don’t always understand what they mean or what to do with them!)

Communications from plants.

Animals and their willingness to share their lives with us.




Wonder and the innate capacity for striving and dreaming.



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