The Freedom of Not Knowing


I find great freedom in not understanding precisely why things happen when or how they do.  I acknowledge that the law of attraction is at work and I change my thoughts when they are not in alignment with what I wish to create. In my experience, I am not ready to assimilate all possible realities at once.  Right now, I enjoy working within time and experiencing events as they unfold.  When there are events that I find undesirable, I turn my attention to what I do desire and what I am already experiencing as desirable.  This is not the same as sticking your head in the sand and stating that undesirable events do not exist. They do.  But when I turn my attention to what I do want and wanting what I already have, amazing things happen. Those things that I enjoy and that bring me joy turn up more and more in my experience. I encounter the next precisely perfect experience for my spiritual evolution. Over and over again.

Not knowing why certain things happen and being okay with that in the moment releases me from having to understand everything.  After all, using a human brain to make sense of the spiritual mechanics and operating principles of the Divine is not possible, in my opinion. That is why we have intuition.  When I tap my intuition for the next move, it wows me every time.  It allows me to flow and be fluid. When I notice an attachment or a desire to repeat another experience, I recognize the desire, wish it peace and welcome the next experience that comes with joy, knowing that I am drawing to myself exactly what is optimal for my spiritual evolution at that time. 

In my experience, I have not found peace by understanding everything with my mind.  I have found peace by flowing with what comes to me and aligning my actions with my intentions. I find intention to be one of the most powerful forces of creation.  When I intend to be love both for myself and others, I am peaceful.  We are One and we are the creative force.

I wish you peace.



7 thoughts on “The Freedom of Not Knowing

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    I totally agree! It is not up to us to explain each feeling, each moment, we can’t as we don’t have the answers. The best thing is to just let them ‘be’, and I love your great advice of turning our attention to what we desire and what we are already experiencing as desirable. Thank you for a great post 🙂

  2. litebeing

    This is an oldie but goodie. As you get to know me, you see that I want to grasp the meaning of all that is. Clearly I do not possess the tools or capacity, but that has never stopped me from trying 🙂

    What keeps showing up for me time and time again is that underneath that desire is a wish for peace and acceptance. So I will practice my intention and release skills. Great post so beautifully articulated. I hope to see more of you soon in one from or dimension or another ❤


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