Enjoying Diversity


Spirit moves me to talk about our differences and diversity today.








Which one is best?


One or more of these appeals to us. We like one more than the others or we find that one is more suitable for our tastes for a particular purpose.

Does it make the remaining colors any less brilliant?

Does it require that those colors be removed from your experience altogether so that you do not have to interact with them?

I would like to posit an idea. A very old idea that is not mine but that I have heard several times and resonates with me so I think it bears repeating.

What if those colors that are not your favorite, those colors that you even actively dislike, are performing a great service in your life?

They are providing an opportunity for you to know yourself. An opportunity to know what does resonate with you.

Yes, we are One and there is great peace in One. But we also individuate so that we can know different aspects more fully.

When I see something in my life that I do not like, I thank it for its existence. If it is a person, I express gratitude that they are in my life.

For by existing, they are allowing me a wonderfully expansive opportunity. An opportunity to grow beyond what I have previously thought of myself.

It allows me space to define what I like and prefer and what I do not. Then I have a choice.

Is there action I can take to bring myself into alignment with a more desirable vibration? Is this something I want to work against, surrender to, come up with another plan of action? Maybe I just want to breathe and receive what comes up.

But I make the greatest leaps when I thank whatever it is that has brought up this contrast.

After all, it is only here, in the contrast, that we can activate so many creative expressions of who we are.

It is the contrast’s gift to us.

And together, we are All.

Namaste, my fellow traveler.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying Diversity

  1. Lloyd Matthew Thompson

    Thank you for this.
    This is a synchronicity for me, right in line with messages that have been coming up for me on ALL sides… And I am listening.
    Thank you!
    You are an amazing writer, and beautiful soul.

  2. kellie@writingmoment

    Great piece, thank you for sharing! I love the way you view things you may not like as opportunities for growth, good advice for all of us!
    And I do love green, however a world that was only green would be very uninspiring!


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