2014-02-28 Happiness Update

It’s a night of rest here at Casa Seize One Day.  And it’s been coming all week.

I thought my next update was going to be a video but, oh well, Spirit had other plans.  Flow, flow, flow.  I don’t need to know the reason in order to do it.

It’s been an energetic two weeks full of shifts and changes and going forward and backward and being hit over the head with messages. So, the only struggle i have when writing these posts or making a video is how much to share. That’s really our issue every day, isn’t it?  We are all at different places in our journey and those precise events may not happen in the same way to others.  And I am very blessed to have people from all different walks in my life.  Thank you for being my friend.  I hope you can feel my love for you. 🙂

Spirit guides me to talk about the feelings I have had over the past several weeks.

I asked for several paths to be made for me for things that i wanted.  Then the paths were shown to me and I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with gratitude and then that I could even be blessed enough to experience them.

I honestly did not expect them to happen so quickly and I was guided to the fact that i had been hearing over and over again that we are creating this experience for ourselves.  I feel that we are manifesting faster and faster what we wish to experience. I find it to be a powerful and uplifting message.

That leads me to what do you do when you get what you want.  It shouldn’t be a problem, right?  That WAS what I wanted so now just enjoy it. Oh, I did!

For me, I felt all kinds of happy.  Exploding at the seams, jumping for joy, screaming from the rooftops, skipping down the street, crying at everything HAPPY.  And all I wanted was for every single person on the planet to feel this happy. To feel this supported and to have this much gratitude and appreciation and love for all that we are.  I can’t keep it to myself.

I wouldn’t even want to keep it to myself because happiness multiplies. I can see that.  We lose nothing by someone else being happy.  When I am happy, all I want to do is share it with others.  (This usually results in random hugs!)

And the key (for me) is that you don’t have to be happy doing what I’m doing. I want you to be happy doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

And…..don’t take offense here…..but I don’t care what you do.

(Stay with me; this is going somewhere, I promise.)

Not because I don’t love you but because I already know what makes me happy and there isn’t a way that you can take it from me. I can create it whenever I want.  Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that my exact combination of what makes me happy is not your combination.  It could be and if so, go for it.

But what makes me even more excited is to see how you pull pieces together to make yourself happy.  Because I know after you make yourself so blissfully happy that you are going to want to share it and create something totally unique and a beautiful expression of your life.

And then I get to enjoy that!

(I know. I’m pretty excited about this. I barely believe it myself.)

I cannot tell you how excited and on fire I am to experience everyone else being as happy as me.  I just can’t wait to see what you do!  I see the entire world transformed and it all happens peacefully. I want to witness every moment of US creating this new world.

(I’m calming myself down here so I can finish the post with a coherent thought.  I do promise, it is coming.)

So, I am one person.  And there are a lot of other people in the world. Most of whom I don’t know. (But would like to hug.)

And there are many unhappy people in the world with no idea of how to make themselves happy or even where to start.  I spent most of my life there so I KNOW what that is like.

I asked Spirit to show me how to help. I can’t make anyone do anything and I have no interest in subverting anyone’s will.  But I really feel like I’m onto something big here and I am always willing to help people however I can.

And Spirit answered.

Loud and clear.

I have been getting messages for videos to make and topics to talk about.  All day long.  I have to write them down just to get them out.

And the topics are to tell people how I came to having this outlook on life and how I interact with the world on a daily basis.

Because my escape plan used to be suicide and now I am so happy I can barely contain myself. I rarely think of how I used to be but that is the truth.  If I had gotten what I wanted at the time, I would be dead right now.

So, Spirit says to be me but that I need to share how I got to be this way. Because there isn’t a book on it and it took awhile for me to come to this place. I spent much time tailoring my outlook and my response to life because I didn’t see what i wanted to create in the world and I decided that I was going to make a new way for myself.

But I still live in a world where things don’t work out the way I think they will. I live with handling my own disappointments and emotions as well. My life is not perfect.

But I have immeasurable peace and trust in the Universe that never fails.  I don’t experience despair or hopelessness anymore.

I don’t live on a mountain.  I have a family and kids and responsibilities and I find a way to flow with them.

I hope that you will stay with me. I hope that you will share with me and find what makes you happy and tell me what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

Because I want to be in this world as equals.

I want to know you. You are exquisite.


2 thoughts on “2014-02-28 Happiness Update

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    I am so happy for you that you feel this way each day! Thank you for sharing such honest thoughts, I can’t wait to read more posts and see where this is going! For me my greatest happiness lies in my moments of family and peace. My daily job is not a great sense of pride or happiness for me but I am working on that! I am also working on accepting my emotions as I sometimes give them more power over me than I should. Namaste 🙂

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Kellie, Thank you so much. I am very grateful and overwhelmed much of the time so I just focus on being mindful in each moment as best I can. I can relate to not finding great pride or happiness in work because I recently started doing temporary office work. I wasn’t sure why Spirit wanted me to do it but once I was there, I kept asking why. The work itself is secondary but I started to learn how to be around other people and their energy fields. But before my awakening, I worked jobs just to pay bills and I can see now that we can be a light by simply existing. A smile really can change everything for someone. And I feel your light is very, very bright! I feel you are changing things simply by being there.

      Emotions need daily attention for me. Sometimes people think that because someone is peaceful that they don’t have emotions to deal with. I find that to be the opposite. We all have emotions and desires and wants. And being able to work with those and recognize them are important to me. The great thing to me is being able to change where we are at any moment. We don’t have to react the way we did yesterday and it’s not who we are today.

      Ok….now I feel wordy….can you tell I need to write a new blog post? LOL



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