Why Hasn’t the Earth Ascended Yet?

Hello Loves,

This is a difficult message for me to relay. The collectives wanted me to make a video and I told them I’m not ready to be the face for this yet. I hope you will understand.

But I believe this message has merit and I do want to share it so I am writing it instead.

I’ve been getting pieces of this for a few days and took some time to wash dishes and be still tonight and the message rounded out into something that I could coherently put together.

This message is for lightworkers and those waking up who are wondering why the planet has not ascended yet.  I have been feeling their anger, frustration and fear.

And I love you.

I love, love, love YOU.

I know it is difficult right now.

Late last week, Spirit guided me to this video by Bashar about divergent timelines and how things are speeding up.

I loved it and it was exactly what the collectives have been telling me since I choose a different timeline.  It fits here because it is congruent with what the collectives have to say about what we are creating right now and the opportunities available to us right now.

First, I want to reiterate that there IS enough time for what you want to create. There is enough time for what I want as well and I’m being led to where I need to be to create it.

You have enough time. We all do right now.

The message I received was addressed to individuals who are part of lightworker and starseed communities and how to best utilize those communities.

The upswing in participation in these communities is amazing and very encouraging!  Spirits are finding their soul families, those of the same ilk, those from the same star system and having joyous reunions.  Spirits are aware of karma working in their lives, releasing what no longer serves them and moving forward with what does. It is a glorious time!

What the collectives would like to point out is that with the knowledge that the Earth is ascending and that we are creating the timeline here, it is important to notice where we are directing our energy, attention and intention. Intention being the main one here.

These communities came from the intention to find each other, to share our common vision and to assist in the Earth’s ascension as we came to do. This feels monumental to many, many souls who do not feel prepared for this and want to know what to do and how to do it.

What is happening for some is that being part of these communities has provided a means of looking for reassurance and a way to assuage their fear.  Some are looking for answers in these communities that cannot be found there.  There is not one channeled message which will answer all your questions and remove your fear about the future.

Look to your intention when you engage in these communities.  There are some who are waking up and need support. That is raising their vibration. There are some who share and post to provide support and reassurance to others who are confused. That raises their vibration.

If your intention is to find an answer about when ascension is happening to relieve your fear, that intention and subsequent action is not raising your vibration. It is continuing your fear-based thinking because you are trying to escape feeling fear which is resisting it.

So, you’re thinking…then how will I find out?

Wanting to be free of this fear is natural and you are seeking a way to do it which is admirable and miles ahead from many who do not know of ascension.

Give yourself credit for that.  Please.

The collectives would like you to look at the fact that you have fear and to work on acknowledging that first. Then use the law of attraction to your own personal benefit.  Look at what is already working in your own life.  You possess many faculties and gifts. You are loved and have guides. The earth speaks to you and when you listen, it will provide what you need.

Take care of yourself.  There are many forms of self-care and that is a topic for another post.

How will I know when to re-engage in the ascension community?

You will be led to it.  When you have peace and are feeling loving towards yourself, you are able to more clearly hear your intuition and guides as well as being able to detach from other’s opinions of you to take whatever action you are led to take. You will not have fear of the future.

You can look to your intention. Do I have a message I want to share or support I can provide for those who need it?  Then re-engage. You will know.

Finally, as Bashar’s video explains in more detail, now is a wonderful time to choose which timeline you would like.  (Or to create your own if you don’t like the ones you have accessed.) As we experience time moving forward, the timelines will start to diverge and we have great power this year.

There are timelines in which there is intervention and others where we do it ourselves and many combinations thereof.  Do you want a cataclysmic timeline, a peaceful timeline or something in between? Can you picture how to do it?  Can you ask your guides? Can you hear others’ ideas of how to manifest it?

As with everything here, intention is key. Look to your intention.

I’m excited about my timeline and I would like to experience it with you if you desire.

The collectives that assemble the matrix greet you and make themselves available to you if you desire their guidance.

This message has provided resonance, contrast or indecision for you.  I wish you peace, my fellow traveler.


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