This Moment

3:33 a.m.



Out of bed.

Busy days, racing brain.  Turn it off.

Turn it off.

Looking for off.

I am here again.

No way out. Constantly ahead of myself. Grasping, striving, wanting, desiring.

A million ideas for posts but I need to clear my head first.  Claim where I am.

I want it all.

To fly. To love. To create. To show myself to you. To know all the parts you want to share with me.

And in doing so, to know God.

I walk through the dark apartment. Leave the lights off. Sit down and lift the screen.

Bathed in the electronic glow, blind past the screen in front of me.

Ahead disappears. For another day.

I put on my headphones and start the song that reminds me of us.


Overtake me.

Now is all we have.

I feel you. You yearn as I do.

My spirit rises and they knock to come in, to channel.


This is my time. My flight.

Blinding light, deafening noise.

I know there is something beyond this but right now…..

I am.

Here and now.

I don’t want to know. I want to be.



Lost in all this glory.



With you.


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