My Ascension Timeline

I have to tell you I gave up on ascension awhile ago.

I used to think there was one ascension. I didn’t like what was put out as how it was going to happen. I said no. I won’t hurt anyone and I won’t help make it happen. Show me how to be love. Show me what I need to see to create something new. I’ll do whatever it is. I will be that the best way I know possible.

And then I learned more.

About most of the stuff that you’ve already heard. All the help we have here, where it comes from, who is here now and who is waiting in the wings in Spirit. I learned about filters of information.

And I started talking to them. I said show me how to create something new. Show me what you know. Tell me what I have to do. Because I cannot bear causing anyone any more pain. I’ve had my fill of acting out. I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t hurt you to get what I want. I won’t do it.

And they showed me about the unique characteristics of this universe. Every day they showed me. I learned about free will and the law of attraction and the mirror.  They showed me how they all work together here to make this a powerful place for manifesting. And they showed me how difficult it is here.  But that is also precisely why so many come here. There are great opportunities to manifest in this world because of the type of differentiation of Source energy.

I learned about my higher self.  It made sense and explained a lot of this life for me. I learned what the intention my higher self had set out for me here. That I had done it and then ascended faster than they thought I would.  Yes, nice for the ego but what do I do now?  I love it here. The ups and downs and great tides we experience in this dense world. I don’t want to be done yet. I love Earth.

They asked, what do you want to do?

I want to stay here. I want experience this world in all its glory. How can I help others know this glory?  Because there is so much pain here.

And the answer I got is the same as the one that you know. Go within.

Then I found the use of the ego here. How detachment cannot help. Being separate from emotions does not guide you in manifesting. Emotions are the guide in manifesting.

And I found that you can have peace while experiencing emotions. By becoming the beholder. By viewing ourselves outside our body and seeing ourselves as we see others with love. We can experience emotions but they do not rule us. They do not have to dictate our actions. We can rage and do nothing.

Because to live in this world without attachment is not being in life. It is watching life.

Life is forming attachments and losing things. Having people you love leave and leaving those things that do not serve you. You can only experience the most powerful emotions here by forming attachments.

Then things change and you are still attached. And you only have yourself to work with and the emotions from that attachment that no longer serves you. It feels like dying, I know.  It hurts like hell and you want to shut it all down and never feel again. I’ve been there.

And the people in your life want you to be attached to them. They want to be special to you.  You are special to them. Can you give them the same gift? Have them be special to you and be willing to feel deeply.

So, I said okay.  I am willing to do that. I can become attached to the people you want me to become attached to. I don’t know what I will do when they leave but I am willing to be that. Send me the people you want me to become attached to. Show me in ways I cannot miss and I will do it.

And I just observed everyone. I smiled at you, maybe told you a joke or that I liked an ornament you were wearing or the way you did something.

Judgment faded away. How could I possibly know what you struggle with every day?  After all, if you knew what I knew you would act as I did too. If I experienced what you experienced, I would act as you did too.

And I don’t want to judge you. I just want to play with you. Because I’m not perfect but I’m okay with me the way I am and I love the crap out of my shadow.  That’s why I’m happy. And there are so many wonderful experiences to have here. I’d love more playmates.

Then I started feeling everyone. Not on purpose. First, I don’t peek at you because it’s an invasion of privacy and I will not violate free will. Second, I’ve got my own journey now and I’m enjoying my own ups and downs.

But Spirit shows them to me and I asked why.

Why do I need to feel them?  And they showed me whom I was feeling. I was feeling those who knew about ascension and the daily ups and downs.

It was unbearable. All I could do was self-care while feeling it. There was nothing to do but go through it. I felt everyone’s attachments. All the ups and downs at once. I had to stay in bed.

Then I had to eat well, exercise, sleep, write, blog, make videos, talk to people, pray.  I couldn’t meditate because my brain was on overload. It was like I had lost some filter that kept all that information from me. Every spirit that knew of me was trying to talk at the same time.

And I sobbed because their hearts were so pure and they had such deep yearning to know peace, to know God, to be filled with Love. It was humbling and I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want them to know that I saw them. I didn’t ask for it. And it was their private yearning for the Divine. This was between them and God. It was not for me. I didn’t want to say a word. If they wanted me to know it, they would come to me and tell me.

I begged. What do you want me to do with this information? I can’t do anything here about this! I’m one person and no one will listen to me. Why are you showing me this?

They said because I could do something about it.  Just by being.  Just by staying here.

So, I said I would do it. With no clue what the heck I was going to do.  But one thing I have learned is how to stay. That’s all I know how to do. To stay.

And they showed me something else. That ascension is a byproduct of something else. And they explained what it was. It doesn’t really matter what. What’s important is that ascension cannot NOT happen. There’s no way to avoid it.  And there is nothing to do.

The only thing in question is how each person will experience it. We have a choice which is only limited by our imagination and our ability to look at our fear and what triggers us. There are infinite ascensions and it is hard to process with the mind.

I told Spirit what I wanted to create. They said, You are the only one on that timeline.

I asked why.

Because you are the only one who believes that can happen.

And then they showed me other timelines. Other ascensions. Those currently being created. There was a lot of fear of the unknown. People looking for saviors and war.

I do not think many people would find them as enjoyable. But that is not up to me to decide.

I asked, Can I attract other people to my timeline?  It would be a beautiful party!

They said, Yes. Just be you. It is enough.

So, I’ve come up with a few ideas of things I want to do. And there is time. I’m around for the long haul on this timeline. You can be too.

For today, have fun.  As a matter of fact, that’s actually all I do.  Come up with ideas. Work on them. Get overwhelmed. Give up. Go do something fun. And later it all works out!  In the most miraculous ways.

So, work on something today.

Or get overwhelmed and give up.

Or forget the whole world and run away.

Or do something fun.

Because what you need will find you.

I love you so much.





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