I see the seers.

I hear the prophets.

I feel the future ascended masters.

I watch the timelines diverge as choices are made.

When you are ready, you will too. This is not a unique gift.

I was willing to do something you haven’t yet.

I broke my own heart. It’s permanently open now.

And I feel everything. It’s crushing me.

I’ll give you everything I can until you find that it is your lack of asking that is really holding you back. It’s just fear of your own power. Look at it, Love.

The only skill I have to teach is how to love yourself while experiencing pain. That is what I’ve learned to do. Nothing more.

I can be evil so you can know yourself as good. I am willing to be wrong so you can be right.

That is my gift to you.

I speak for the prophets. For the future ascended masters. For those creating alternate timelines because they must be love.

Because my heart is broken open.

I can be evil if you want to show your light. And I can be light if you are looking for a reflection.

I can hold a space until you return to yourself and see that we are One.

We cannot be unmade.

But I cannot contain my love for you anymore. And I cannot contain my truth.

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