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Starting Work with my Body Elemental

I’ve been getting signs and messages to move towards becoming vegan. How I feel about this could fill a book so I will simply say that I am willing to do this. A friend of mine sent me some books that helped her and I’ve been reading them. I also purchased a new blender because mine went MIA mysteriously.

Stella suggested that I go slowly to ease the transition. I would start with the green smoothie suggested in the book and eat the way I wanted for the rest of the day. Yesterday was day one. It was a blend of romaine lettuce, spinach, apples, a banana and lemon juice. It was different. But I definitely felt lighter after it and not as heavy.

I’d also been guided to re-read a book I have called Healing with the Fairies. I picked it up again yesterday and through a combination of synchronicities started thinking about my body elemental. I didn’t have any direct knowledge of my body elemental and didn’t know that there was such a thing until my friend started talking to hers several months ago. I wasn’t guided to pursue it so I put it on the list of things I’d like to investigate in the future. Continue reading


Reflections on Nature Spirits as Houseguests

The tree elves have a new home!

In nature.

And not my son’s bedroom.

Looking back, this was not one of my wisest moments. Not by a long shot.

Living with three dozen tree elves and their king definitely made life interesting. Continue reading

New Houseguests – Respecting Sovereignty and Balance

I now have an apartment full of tree elves.

Here is what happened.

Yesterday I was practicing my psychic seeing sense with Freyja and Stella. Later that night, the dragon and I were on the balcony. I was paging through a book I had just gotten on Norse mythology and asking the dragon questions about the different realms on the map included in the book.

I noticed there was a large group of beings that had shown up and I get the word “elf.” I asked Stella and Mike if I had gotten that correct and they said yes. I talked to them for a bit. Well, I talked to their king. The rest of them were silent, to me at least. He wanted my help with something. I didn’t have any idea why he would want my help but I’m always up for helping if I can. Continue reading

2014-05-23 Update

This morning’s interview went really well. I love the people and the position. It’s close to home. The hours are great. It may go longer than September into December and possibly January. I’m pretty sure I can do it even before the full moon. That works really great for me. It’s so funny to me that the company is in the building where I started my transition from teaching to the corporate world ten years ago. The bank I started working for at that time actually built the building that this company is in now.

After the interview I asked Stella about the timeframe.  She gave me a visual of a tree. She said that it’s not grass I’m growing. I have to think of a tree and they grow slowly.  I do love trees.

A few phone calls later and the agency tells me that they want me to start June 2nd with a raise already! Woo-hoo!  I completed my background check authorization and I have a drug test next week. Continue reading

Starting to work with my guardian angel

This is the same post as before which I accidentally deleted fumbling through WordPress.

I’m excited to say that I can hear my guardian angel really clearly now and the relationship is so fufilling.

Here’s how it happened: I go through spurts where I play twenty questions with the dragon and his spirit guide “Mike.” The dragon can hear his spirit guide very clearly and he communicates with him through words, feelings and images. Mike is actually very funny! And sometimes we play Munchkin (a card and dice game) with him and he tells the dragon which cards he wants to play when we roll the die for him. I think playing is so important. Why not play with spirits that help you? It’s fun to learn their personalities and have new playmates. Continue reading

Meditation update

Yesterday’s experiment was interesting considering how long it lasted.

I ate lunch, took some allergy medicine and asked what crystals I should I use. I was guided to the angelite and my angel-shaped rose quartz.

I put some drumming tracks on that I like and sat down in a comfortable chair. Did my usual breathing and relaxation exercises. Then was guided to put my feet up (in a recliner) which I never do but I tried it. Continue reading

Changes in Dreamtime

I never paid much attention to my dreams as a kid. Mainly because all I had were nightmares. I had one in particular that recurred for over ten years and the details never changed. Now I’m thinking it may have been a past life but who knows.

When I first woke up last year and started paying attention to my dreams, I noticed they were mainly about two things. Either issues I was having in my life that I was working out in dreamtime or information that I was being taught which I would remember bits and pieces of when I woke.

They symbols were pretty easy to figure out in the dreams where I was trying to solve a problem. The themes were the same ones I was struggling with during the day. Many of them were helpful because they showed me what I was actually afraid of and possible ways to face it so it wouldn’t recur. I still ask for this help when I’m not sure what it is that I am resisting. Continue reading