2014-05-01 Update

Happy May!

It’s been a busy few days here doing a lot of what looks like nothing. I’ve been in the apartment during our last two days of torrential rain. The one time I did go out to pick up my son I felt like I was driving through a log flume ride. Haha! 

I had to pick up my journal to write at least five times yesterday to get down what I was going through. Insights that my mind got on what was happening and signs I was getting that were starting to come together. 

I don’t consciously seek out past life work but I had an interesting past life regression in a form I would have never imagined.  The result of my confusion and not even knowing that it was past life stuff turned into a heated discussion last night with the dragon. I ended up telling him that if he wanted me to leave I would because he didn’t see how we could be going in the same direction.  Maybe today I will blog more about it. It might be triggering to some people so I have to sit with that and decide if I want to blog here or put it in the journal.

I’m still learning how to operate from those three states of consciousness that I am aware of – the ego, the mind and the I AM.  The I AM is so easy. LOL!  Just be.  But then there is nothing to do and nowhere to go so I just use the mind to direct my action where I am and where I am is being in relationships with people as a mother, girlfriend, daughter, friend. So I’ve been taking action to honor those stations and being where and what I am asked to be from them. Sometimes, like last night with the dragon, I give others what my ego is looking for – a loving witness without judgment. This did not go over well with the dragon until we talked about why I say what I say.  Dragons are very beautiful and powerful but also very vain. I know the feeling. I do my hair and makeup before I make videos.  I’m vain. But he did not want a mirror when he told me how he felt. He wanted an opinion. And I don’t have any opinions from the I AM and needed to explain that to him. Ok, so obviously I have a lot to say about this……separate blog for later today perhaps.  LOL!

This morning I’m headed to a friend’s house to pin a dress that she needs hemmed.  She had asked if I could hem it and right now I just have too much going on that I need to get out to do it but I did tell her I could come over to trim and pin it for her because that is tough to do alone. When/if things slow down, I’d like to get back to some sewing. I have more patience now so maybe I won’t mind making muslins as much.  Note to self: Manifest a studio for all the creative endeavors because no one has seen the dining room table in months.

I’ve also been drawn to reading the bible and the Kybalion. I read a little, get messages and insights as my mind starts to put pieces together then I put them down because……well, because I don’t know how to make the dishes wash themselves yet. (I tried to talk a a house elf into it a few months ago. Haven’t seen him since. Oh well.)

I put most of it down in my journal because I’m starting to see that my way of learning things was by having an intention to be love but there are multiple ways to get to this point. And the information could be very harmful to one’s self and to others for people who believe that there is a separation, that there is an Us and a Them. And to people who feel very hurt and do not know how to heal themselves or ask for help. This is very painful to me because I feel them. But I cannot change others, only myself. 

Finally, I had my first telepathic encounter with a stranger this morning after I dropped my son at school. I was in line at a store. It was exciting!

Now that my mind processes it, there are a lot of things to consider when communicating telepathically, especially with strangers. So, new skills to learn and blunder my way through.  Seriously, it’s kindergarten over here. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing and I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  

And re-reading this post, I sound like a raving lunatic. Oh well, I can’t tell you I experience that I don’t experience. All I can do is stick the really outrageous stuff in my journal and hope that it will make sense to someone somewhere in the future. Because we are all insane. I just let it show.

I love you.



P.S.  I’m experimenting with new tags as I’m blogging. Hoping to attract some more crazy people to travel this path with. 

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