TMI – Spirit guides and sex

This is too funny NOT to blog about.  Here is your warning.  This post is totally socially and sexually inappropriate on several levels.

I’ve been guided to start opening my psychic gifts more and I’m slowly inching towards it. I’ve been feeling a pull toward Norse mythology lately and I know I have a Norse goddess on my team as one of my guides.

I started doing some reading and I got bright lights and lots of tingles around Freyja.  I asked a few questions of Spirit and got confirmation that she was the Norse goddess on my team. Holy cow! I was so excited.  I also realized that she was the one who has been helping me with a few things that I requested help for.

So, I’m all excited……I have to tell someone!  I text my two close friends who are on journeys of their own then I go back to some more reading. My intuition says, Tell the dragon.  I text him that I just found out Freyja is on my team and that I’m making myself lunch.  Here is the text conversation.

2:48 PM  Me: Freyja is one of my guides! Going to make lunch.

Dragon: Say hello to Freyja for me. I suddenly realize she and I know each other.

2:54 PM   Me: She smiled. LOL   I want to hear about this later!

Dragon: Um….I feel like it was sexual. Are you sure?

3:02 PM   Dragon: Unless….have you ever channeled her when we fuck?

3:07 PM   Dragon: Busy?

3:34 PM   Dragon: Hello?

3:39 PM   Me: Possibly. I didn’t know who she was til today. They don’t really give me names. LOL  Sorry I was eating.

Dragon: Oh okay. I was starting to think what I said bothered you.

Me: Oh no! I was just eating my sandwich.

Dragon: Okay.

3:43 PM  Me: I get yes. I have channeled her when we had sex before. Haha!

Dragon: That explains the sexual connection. LOL I do feel I’ve known her longer than        that, though. Probably going back to the draconic days.

Me: I think there is more to it too.

Dragon: Let me know if she says anything about me. LOL

Me: I can’t tell the difference between them yet but I will. It’s better if you ask yes or no questions later. That I always get.

Dragon: Okay. Thanks.

Me: BTW, I’m totally blogging about this.

Dragon: Go right ahead. I’m a shameless old lizard.




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