Changes in Dreamtime

I never paid much attention to my dreams as a kid. Mainly because all I had were nightmares. I had one in particular that recurred for over ten years and the details never changed. Now I’m thinking it may have been a past life but who knows.

When I first woke up last year and started paying attention to my dreams, I noticed they were mainly about two things. Either issues I was having in my life that I was working out in dreamtime or information that I was being taught which I would remember bits and pieces of when I woke.

They symbols were pretty easy to figure out in the dreams where I was trying to solve a problem. The themes were the same ones I was struggling with during the day. Many of them were helpful because they showed me what I was actually afraid of and possible ways to face it so it wouldn’t recur. I still ask for this help when I’m not sure what it is that I am resisting.

The dreams in which I was being taught something were very different. I was working with my pendulum to figure out why I kept waking up from dreams in which I felt like I was in a classroom. I would wake up with different thoughts of how things fit together and what I needed to do that day but no idea why I needed to do it.  I knew I was getting information but couldn’t put it all together when I was awake.  I asked to be able to remember the dreams when I woke up so I could write them down. I had limited success with this.  I used a few crystals to help but when I asked for more direction I was given the answer that I was remembering everything whether my mind could hold onto it or not. It would be helpful if I followed my intuition more and didn’t give so much weight to having a reason to do something. I could do it simply because I felt like I doing it. Sometimes I still have them and the teachers are very different. Some human, some look like greys, some angels, some I have no visual for – just a feeling of a presence.

The past few weeks my dreams have changed drastically though. About 75% of the ones that I remember are premonitions. And not for some far-off future. For that day.

They aren’t always word for word but when I wake up and I remember what I dreamed, I can see the theme and who the players in the dream are in relation to me. Sometimes they are very exact, even including the people involved and what has happened before. I’m noticing that almost every day when I wake up that I know what is going to happen with a particular situation based on what I dreamed. I don’t even have to be a person involved. It could be something a friend of mine does and the outcome. Then they call me and tell me about it and it was the dream I had the night before.

Sounds great, right?

Well, I was pretty excited the first few times it happened.  I thought this is a great tool!  I’ll be prepared and I won’t be knocked off kilter when things don’t go the way I’d like them to go because I’ll know beforehand.

And it was exciting.

For three days.

Now, I don’t always want to remember my dreams but I can’t seem to forget them. It sort of takes away from the moment. The moment isn’t fresh and new. It’s not a new creation. It becomes a replay of something I’ve already experienced.

I am grateful for it because I want to see the use of it. And because it is something that I haven’t experienced before. But right now I don’t know what to do about it. Most of the premonitions are about experiences that are going to be painful for one or more of the people involved. The message I get is the same one I get with all the future possibilities and timelines that I see. Say nothing; you can’t change it. Be around to help afterwards. And sometimes they are for me and I’m the one who is attached to an outcome and will be hurt.

That’s the main reason I haven’t looked at opening my gifts anymore until I was directed to.  I don’t get a lot of happy news for people. Sometimes if a friend asks what is currently going on, I can see or ask and I get some happy news about the present but most of what I see for the future is painful for people. I know why it’s the way I connect with Spirit. It took a lot of pain for me to move forward and then love myself enough to wake up.

For now, I’m going to sit with it. If it makes it so that I can help others and myself, then I don’t want to shut it off. I don’t even know if I could.  Even when I don’t work on my senses, they change and I pick up energies in ways I didn’t before. But I can see at least one of the reasons that I’m being asked to open my third eye more; I need support. I really have no clue what I’m doing. And it isn’t easy keeping painful secrets to myself so I need some higher vibrational beings to lean on and give me some guidance.

So, my next experiment is meditating with some angelite I picked up yesterday. I left it out with my crystals under the full moon last night. It has such a calming energy and it’s the stone I was guided to pick up when my local rock shop didn’t have the ascended master deck I was looking for. Some quiet time will be nice and my guardian angel has already told me she’s looking forward to a closer relationship so I’m excited.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

I love you.




2 thoughts on “Changes in Dreamtime

  1. amandaseesdreams

    Hi Sarah,
    I think we have definitely been conditioned to believe we cannot have these gifts, so I am happy to see you embracing them. More and more people are reporting pre-cognitive dreams, especially people who are diligent about recording them, or can’t seem not to remember them, like you!! I wish you blessings on your journey as you learn to work in tandem with the energies coming through you.

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so much. It’s definitely been interesting. I never thought about it much but I like your word “embrace” and I’m choosing to do that. I’m happy to be finding more and more people who have been doing it, like you. It means a lot to me.
      Much love!


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