Meditation update

Yesterday’s experiment was interesting considering how long it lasted.

I ate lunch, took some allergy medicine and asked what crystals I should I use. I was guided to the angelite and my angel-shaped rose quartz.

I put some drumming tracks on that I like and sat down in a comfortable chair. Did my usual breathing and relaxation exercises. Then was guided to put my feet up (in a recliner) which I never do but I tried it.

I had some interesting visions and some pretty colors but asked for words to go along because I didn’t understand them. I tend to rely on my clairaudience to make sense of what I get frequently. The only problem is that you have to determine what comes from you versus someone else if there isn’t other information.

The only thing I got was to relax and let it unfold from my guardian angel.

So I did.

It was lovely. So lovely that I fell asleep.

Until the dragon came home from work. Haha! I don’t remember much past that. I went to bed and slept most of the night with a brief break around ten.

This morning when I got up I remembered several dreams but the one that sticks with me the most is about a bus. I was trying to catch a bus to leave somewhere and the message I got was what was important was the people I meet on the bus, not the destination.

I love you.


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