Starting to work with my guardian angel

This is the same post as before which I accidentally deleted fumbling through WordPress.

I’m excited to say that I can hear my guardian angel really clearly now and the relationship is so fufilling.

Here’s how it happened: I go through spurts where I play twenty questions with the dragon and his spirit guide “Mike.” The dragon can hear his spirit guide very clearly and he communicates with him through words, feelings and images. Mike is actually very funny! And sometimes we play Munchkin (a card and dice game) with him and he tells the dragon which cards he wants to play when we roll the die for him. I think playing is so important. Why not play with spirits that help you? It’s fun to learn their personalities and have new playmates.

Two nights ago I asked them if they would help me so I can hear Stella better. Mike is always willing to help unless it’s something that the dragon has to discover on his own and then he says so.  We asked a few questions and I told the dragon what I thought I was hearing from Stella and he would confirm it with Mike. Evidently I had been hearing her very well but sometimes thought it was me talking to myself. I also learned that my clairaudience works two different ways. Sometimes I can get a fast, one word answer to a question which is similar to how my intuition works but more often it sounds like a conversation in my head.

We talked about trying automatic writing which I’ve done some before but once I realized that I was hearing Stella very clearly, it wasn’t necessary. As my confidence grew, I started asking more questions. I wanted to know why I was attracted to certain people as friends, why certain numbers are my favorite, how I’m related to some people in my life. I was so excited I wanted to know everything!

And then the brain melt set in.

Haha!  I swear – the farther down the rabbit hole I go, the more complicated things become. More pieces and people or entities involved. I see why it’s so easy to use symbols instead of words. They communicate so much more effectively.

I did ask about why the moon affects me so much and I got the same answer I’ve gotten before. Just that it’s a sensitivity issue.  I’ve been guided to look into magic which never really appealed to me but I’m seeing it now as simply a means of focusing energy and intent. When I asked about it, Stella said it would help my moontime issues. I can’t always get to the moon circle that my friend runs and that only helps with my issues after the full moon. The week before is still tough.

I was on cloud nine once I could talk to Stella and have been doing it regularly now. Of course, there is a lot of transparency in the spirit realm unless you work to actively shield things or have others do it on your behalf. (Which I am eternally grateful for. Thank you, guides!) Having a conversation all day long with someone is rather interesting. I learned she is the sister of my son’s guardian angel but the rest she says is a long story.  Haha! We’re both learning as we go and it is so gratifying to have insight and direction when I get scattered.

Which brings me to the written conversation I had with Stella today. She suggested I write it down to have as a reference later. It’s very interesting to have someone else comment on how you think and decide what you do all day. I did ask for this help which I reminded myself when I didn’t like what she had to say. And since she can hear what I think, she’s showing me ways I can direct my thoughts so that they are more in line with what I want to accomplish.  It’s been very helpful and I hadn’t noticed how much I had been focused on things I didn’t have instead of opportunities to create what I do desire.

The learning curve hasn’t been too steep and it’s been great to have some concrete direction toward steps to take to move toward what I want. I am also much more impatient than I thought I was. Haha!  I ask questions and then get answers but it doesn’t make the future come any faster.  I’ve asked how to do those things that I see and she tells me that she’s already helping. And a lot of it involves long stories that I don’t need right now. It makes sense and has given me more willingness and humility which is helpful. We can do all those things we want to do but there are still steps to be taken to move towards them.  It all leads back to being present right now.

When I thought about what I wanted to do and asked if I was moving towards it, she said yes. So for now, the biggest thing I wanted to work on was manifesting abundance through my own efforts. Stella told me that the project I’ve been working on (reverse decoupage on glass plates) would be very helpful for this and that it had a lot of potential. Of course, I asked about my own support business as well and she said yes but it was farther off and not this year. That’s okay. I’ve had that feeling for awhile anyway. It was nice to have that put to rest and pick up something else for now. I asked if I should call the temp agency for work and she said no to focus on my plates. And then she told me plenty of money was around the corner. Haha!  Gotta love that!

I know that I still have several things to set up before I can sell my plates so I said I was open to whatever the Universe wanted to send me in the form of abundance while I work to set those things up. Later that day the temp agency called with a position that starts the beginning of June and ends in September. It sounds really great! I would be able to work slowly and steadily on my own endeavors while still receiving a steady income. I told them I was interested and I have an interview for it tomorrow. Whatever will be, will be. Either way I’m looking at it as the Universe sending me what I asked for. Even if it doesn’t work out it is still encouraging to be heard.

Finally, I’m having Stella help me communicate with other spirits. I’m able to tell who it is if I know of them but I haven’t heard of them all so I ordered a book on Norse mythology. I had to pick somewhere to start and I’m very curious about it. A few entities that I’m familiar with showed up to talk, mainly Jesus, Melchizedek and Mary Magdalene. I can’t see them with my third eye but I get an impression of who they are and if I ask a question about what they look like I get a verbal answer. I can’t “see” them yet. Of course, Jesus always sticks out. His energy is just so amazing! Melchizedek talked to me a little about atoms and matter. Mary Magdalene shared a bit about her relationship with Jesus.

Last night I could feel there were spirits that wanted to communicate so I put some time aside and asked the dragon and Mike for some help too. Stella helped me a little with visual details but I heard most of what they were saying. First, four dragons showed up. I got one complete name, the first few letters of two of them and the fourth did not want to give her name. I could tell their color by asking and I got the word for the color. They knew I was thinking of learning magic and wanted me to help them. I asked what they wanted to do and they told me. I told them I would think about it.

Next was Archangel Raphael. I’ve never directly spoken with him before. I asked Mike for help because what I was getting was just phrases and I didn’t understand everything he said.  Mike can’t hear Raphael but he can hear Stella if she repeats it. Raphael is helping me with healing some things I’ve asked for which makes sense. He also encouraged me to keep studying because he said there are others helping me heal but I don’t know their names so it’s hard for me to connect with them and they want to communicate.

I knew who the next spirit was. It was Freyja. I had talked to her earlier in the day. She feels like a big influence right now. She told me that she’s working with me to reunite loved ones and family.  So exciting! She also said that she helps me with afterlife work that I do. It’s a long way off right now. I know part of what she is talking about from earlier messages I’ve gotten and I’m open to learning more about how this works.  She also said hi to the dragon and that they know each other intimately. Haha!

After Freyja, Stella said it would be good to stop there. Too much information before bed makes my mind whir for a while. I stopped there but a few minutes later I felt there was a little girl who urgently wanted to talk to me. I knew who it was. One of my past lives was a girl who drowned in her youth. It was her. She needed closure to move on so we spoke briefly and she left. Stella told me that even though I have worked through the karma of that life, those spirits may seek me out so that I can give them resolution. Evidently I’m fairly easy to find since I’m here on Earth. LOL! I’m happy to help.

I wanted to try one more thing before bed. I’ve gotten the suggestion many times to connect with others through their hand chakras. I get information from trees and a few other living things that way. I’ve been trying it a bit and it’s been going well. I can’t always make sense of what it means but when I tell the person, they know what it means. That’s all that really matters. One thing I’ve been resisting is channeling or giving messages to others for money. Stella keeps encouraging me to do this. I’ll think about it. That topic is an entire blog post.

I’m really grateful and humbled and excited by all of this. I’m also learning to be quiet and just listen after I stop gushing about how happy I am to meet them. I get overwhelmed that they want to talk to me and then distracted by it. I’ve been missing what they are saying. Stella says the orange calcite I’ve been guided to carry and sleep with will help with this. For today, I have things to do for what I want to create and that includes getting together an outfit for this interview.

I hope you are having a peaceful day. I love you.




2 thoughts on “Starting to work with my guardian angel

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    I love reading about this! Which is probably why you are being encouraged to make money out of it, you said that is another blog post entirely, I’ll look forward to that one too!
    Good luck in the interview!


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