New Houseguests – Respecting Sovereignty and Balance

I now have an apartment full of tree elves.

Here is what happened.

Yesterday I was practicing my psychic seeing sense with Freyja and Stella. Later that night, the dragon and I were on the balcony. I was paging through a book I had just gotten on Norse mythology and asking the dragon questions about the different realms on the map included in the book.

I noticed there was a large group of beings that had shown up and I get the word “elf.” I asked Stella and Mike if I had gotten that correct and they said yes. I talked to them for a bit. Well, I talked to their king. The rest of them were silent, to me at least. He wanted my help with something. I didn’t have any idea why he would want my help but I’m always up for helping if I can.

(Note: Part of this is sad and I don’t normally write about things that are sad but I want to give the whole story. Also, this story is very odd. I did my best to verify what I was getting from other sources – the dragon, Mike and Stella. They heard the same thing which blew me away.)

He told me that their numbers were dwindling and that their home was in danger. I asked what it was and the answer I got was “a great evil.” I got a feeling that there was some pact or agreement involved and I asked about it. I wasn’t given the details except that there was a pact which the elves did not agree to. When I felt into what “a great evil” was, I felt it was human. There were humans who had cut down trees that some of them lived in.

The king was obviously very urgent that he and his elves needed help. I really didn’t know what to do or how I could help so I asked if they could give me a few days to think about it and come back. I wanted some time to wrap my head around what had happened and what I could possibly do. He said a few days might be too late so I suggested a day. He said that would be okay and Stella suggested I tweet to have people send love and light to the elves to keep them safe during that time. I did.

After the elves left, I talked to Stella. (While I was talking to the elf king, she had suggested I wait and that we talk about what to do.) She suggested I do one thing and then wait until the next morning to do something. She wanted me to contact someone who I did and then went to bed.

This morning the elves were on my mind and I asked Stella about them. She said they were fine but that we needed to talk about how to help. We talked about sovereignty and keeping balance.

When the king had come to me, my first thought was to visualize the tree he lived in and put it in a bubble. Sometimes I put people in bubbles to protect and strengthen them during the day. I used to do this a lot before my last temp job. I’d go to a local discount store and “bubbilize” people to help them before I went to work. Most people I could bubblize but not all.

Stella talked to me about all beings as sovereign whether they are human, fairy, elf, dragon, collective, everything. Each being is responsible for their own circumstances and how they want to handle them. We each have free will. So if we want to do something for ourselves, we need to be allowed to do that. It helps us to grow and remember who we are. Without those struggles, our strengths and the opportunities to express them would not be manifested. It would also not allow others to find new ways of being. She reminded me that while my intention in bubblizing people was to help them, they had not asked me for that help. They needed to go through their own experiences in order to change. I need to respect their free will and not take an experience from them that they can handle on their own.

I asked Stella about this great evil that the elves talked about. It wasn’t an intentional harm that was being done to them but how they perceived it because it affected them. The humans involved didn’t even know they were there. I could see how the elves would view it that way and Stella reminded me that each being speaks from their own perspective which is why it is important to look at things from an outsider’s view. Sort of like the way I use being a beholder when I’m not feeling good. Seeing myself from outside myself reminds me that events do occur but how we view them and what we do is important. Nothing is good or bad; thinking makes it so.

I also asked about how it would affect me to get involved here. I knew nothing of this pact and what it was about. She said there were two things I needed to consider. First, if I did this then it may become known that I was willing to help and others may come.  Second, that I needed to think about keeping balance in all things whenever help is requested.

Whatever had transpired to bring these events to pass, it was something that needed to happen for the evolution of all those involved. It was not my place to go putting my nose where it didn’t belong. (As a sidenote, one of the four dragons from earlier this week said he would help but that would have harmed the humans so I thanked him for the offer but asked for some time to think about it.) I wanted what would be most beneficial for everyone and asked what it was. I could see that trees were being cut down and I asked if I had to stand in front of them or something like that. It would not have been my preferred action.

She told me the trees had made their peace with this which was why I hadn’t heard from them, only the elves. I asked what I could do to keep balance. She said that I could find the tree elves a new home. Since I have no idea how to do that, or even that tree elves existed until yesterday, I asked where they were and what I should do. I was hoping I could do all of this from the balcony.

She said they were nearby and that I could go to them. She said they could live in my heart and stay with me until a suitable tree is found. Well, I reeled at this one!!!!  A few weeks ago at a monthly angel class I attend, one of several messages given to me by Hilarion and Melchezidek was that I can welcome those in pain into my heart and protect them. I had not expected something like this!

I asked if this had any consequence to me and she said that it would make my heart grow bigger. Awwww! I was really excited now so I wanted to know what to do. She said to wait until later in the day and continue what I’d planned for the day.

When I returned home, I talked some more about the elves and Stella told me that if I wanted to help that now would be a good time. So I got in my car, asked her where to drive and she told me.



Right again.

Park by that white house.

I was in a housing development and there were two lots with a bulldozer and another piece of construction equipment I don’t know. In the back of a truck was a huge root ball from a tree that was almost four feet across that had been cut down.

I took off my shoes and walked across the grass to a row of three pine trees. They were the last trees left on the lot. There was one pinecone on the ground by them. My intuition said to pick it up so I did.

The elf king and his tree elves were there. They were tired but happy to see me. I asked to be shown what to do and Stella said to use Reiki to assist which I did. Stella walked me through a visualization to open my heart and have them climb inside.

There was one elf who did not want to leave. The king had not yet climbed up because he wanted all of his people safe first. On the third tree behind the bulldozer was an adolescent male elf who had spent his entire life in the tree and didn’t want to move. I started crying because I felt so sad that he had to leave his home. He was holding onto a budding pinecone that was growing on the tree.

He knew he had to go but he didn’t want to leave the tree. We asked the tree if we could take the pinecone bud he was holding with us. We were given permission and I took the elf and the bud with me. The king climbed up and I Reiki’d the trees and thanked them before we left.

On the way home, I asked Stella where the tree elves would live. She said that I would know the right tree when I found it.

So, I’m home now and the tree elves are getting used to my apartment. They are a mixture of all different emotions which I’m not feeling into or asking about. I am giving them their space to process on their own. I’m also learning their different personalities and one or two of them besides the king has spoken to me briefly.

The pinecone I picked up means something to them and they’ve told me to keep it safe until they find a new home. It will go with them. I’ve put the pinecone and the bud on a shelf that my kids can’t reach.  I don’t know how long they’ll stay but they are welcome as long as they like. Right now most of them are resting.

I hope you are having a peaceful day. I love you.


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