Reflections on Nature Spirits as Houseguests

The tree elves have a new home!

In nature.

And not my son’s bedroom.

Looking back, this was not one of my wisest moments. Not by a long shot.

Living with three dozen tree elves and their king definitely made life interesting.

The first two days it was just the dragon and I with the elves. I gave them full access to the apartment and when we went out for the day, I put some music on Pandora for them. They listened to some bagpipe and drum music then asked for an Enya station. It was a lot of fun watching them dance!  I left my laptop on the floor so they could change the station if they wanted or adjust the volume. Then we went out for several hours.

While I was out, I asked Stella how they were. She told me they weren’t able to turn the music back on when it went off but I couldn’t figure out from what she told me what exactly they had done.  There was some computer malfunction and that was all I could get. Later in the day, I asked her again and she told me that one of the elves had fallen in the toilet but that she was fine now.

When we got home, I found the battery on my laptop had run down and that the elves had unplugged the laptop.  I really am a thick one. It had not occurred to me at all that tree elves would have no idea how to live indoors! I’ve given myself several facepalms over the past three days. They quickly realized the toilet was not a swimming hole. While it may sound funny that one fell in, I was really a horrible host. And it was traumatic for the elves to discover what toilets were in that way.

They ate mostly nuts and asked for some apple juice. However, I don’t have cups that are very manageable for elves. It would be like a human trying to drink from a stock pot. They were gracious about it but the king was very clear that he and his elves needed a tree soon. They were not used to living indoors and needed to put down roots somewhere outdoors. They did put some of the dishes away that I had washed. They didn’t know where they went so I found things in odd places. Waking up first thing in the morning, I’d forgotten that the elves were here and was walking to the shower nude. Yowsa!  I remembered very fast! Nothing like elves feigning embarrassment and giggling to make you remember what happened the day before when you thought taking them into your home was a good idea. I really needed to rethink this.

When my seven year old son came home yesterday, I explained to him that the elves were staying with us and that he had to watch where he walked.

Wrong again!

He could hear them but not see them or sense where they were very well. He bowled one over and I had to apologize; then they decided they were going to stay in my heart until he went to bed. Good call there!

I didn’t know where I was going to find them a new home but it become clear that they needed one FAST. This arrangement was not going to work. I contacted a friend of mine that Stella suggested and he said he might know of a tree that would fit. He’d been talking with it the other day. I asked Stella and she said that a tree was coming. I told her I needed one fast. The king wanted a new home and I couldn’t live like this very long. I asked Stella to do whatever she could to send one soon.

One thing that was highlighted by this experience was being able to look at why I do the things I do. A female elf had taken a shine to the dragon and was “helping” him do laundry. This was mostly her being carried around in the basket and jumping on warm clothes piles. One of the elves asked if we used recyclable dryer sheets. I must say that we do not. She was concerned that an animal would eat one if we put it in the trash. This had not occurred to me. So, it’s going on the list.

We also had a very interesting discussion with the king. He thanked me for my help and gave me a gift. I told him that I was sorry that I wasn’t really situated very well for elves and asked if there was anything I could do. He wanted to engage with humans but was very distrustful of them. I could understand. Even though I was well meaning, I was not prepared for elves and I’m sure living with me was no picnic for them. Here I was a human trying to be helpful and I didn’t have a clue.

The king wanted humans to know about elves. He wanted them to take care of the earth because there were so many others who lived on it besides humans. He noticed my cell phone and I explained what it was. He said he would speak to humans so I tweeted that if anyone wanted to know about tree elves, the king would answer questions.   I did get one question which was very illuminating about what he thought of humans. It wasn’t super flattering.

I had to explain to the king that I wasn’t royalty like he was. Everyone does not come to hear me talk. I was just one person on the planet. My tweeting about elves was not going to change everything overnight and I did also have other things I wanted to talk about. I also had to explain that many humans have fragile egos and yelling at them is not going to make them change. They will just ignore you.

Then he wanted to know about what we had eaten for dinner. We ordered pepperoni pizza. He asked why humans eat cheese. Didn’t they know the machines and conditions hurt the cows? He asked the same thing about pepperoni. Why would humans eat that? The dragon really did not enjoy the meat eating discussion so he left the room at that point.

Finally, the king could see that the entire world was not waiting to hear from me on how to help tree elves. We tabled the discussion for the next night.

When we came back to it, he asked for my help again. I wasn’t sure what I could do but I knew that housing elves again was out.  Stella suggested that a friend of mine who works with the Fae could help. She said that the king would benefit more from working with her than with me. I texted her to ask her about it. (After explaining to the king how text messaging works. Haha!) Eventually, I called her on the phone so we could talk live. It was a great conversation and we’ve set up a way for them to begin working together.

Today I told Stella that we had to find a home for these elves. After running some errands, she suggested I take them to my local park. They had enjoyed the visit the day before but they said they didn’t find any trees that would be a good home. Today I went back to the park but I was drawn to three trees in a different area right next to the water. The elves climbed into the tree and the king told me that he liked this set of trees. I sent a picture to my friend who is going to start working with them and asked her what she thought. The king said that the tree was attached to some type of energy meridian and I asked my other best friend what he thought of the picture too. Affirmations from both my friends.

The elves had a new home!

I took care of the details with the pinecone and texted the dragon to let him know as well. I have a few loose ends to tie up here to connect my friend and the king. Then it will be back to normal. Or whatever passes for normal here. Anyway, I missed my normal.

I’m glad I was able to help but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. If there is going to be any nature spirit relocation, it will happen immediately unless there is some bizarre circumstance or something extraordinary. I blundered my way through this like I do with most everything. But it’s different when they are spirits depending on you for help. I was totally unprepared.

On the plus side, I learned about relating to spirits besides those that are my guides. Guides want to help and, mine at least, overlook much of my procrastination and lack of formality in addressing them. Not the same with other spirits. That elf king knew he was a king and what he wanted and when he wanted it. I’ve had a few other spirits stop by and have said hello to them but I wasn’t interested in engaging much with them. I wished them well and gave them respect the only way I knew how. I’m learning exactly how much help I want to give and when. And learning how to respect others’ sovereignty. I am not going to bend anyone’s will and I don’t want anyone trying to influence me either.

Mainly this experiment was a huge comedy of errors. I do not recommend doing this. If another opportunity arises again, I may help if it can be done immediately. I don’t think I’ll be bringing anyone home though.

I love you.




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