2014-06-12 Update/ Message from Angel Class

I am so excited!

I have to get this out before I head to bed or it will bounce around in my head all night. I am home from my angel class with the very bright and amazing Rita Strough. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and not just because she was the messenger for tonight.

For the sake of brevity, I will just say that my personal signs and messages lately have revolved around the phoenix, dragonflies and the ocean. On a personal level, I’ve been overwhelmed this week with the upcoming full moon but was given some insights today which have given me new perspective on how I’ve been thinking about things and it has made for a miraculous turnaround. The sadness has diminished but not passed and I’ve been working with my tender heart via Pema Chodron’s shenpa practice. It has been amazing.

My current job is perfect for where I am right now and has reconnected me with people from my past. I am grateful they are in my life and it has shown me how different I am from the person they knew me to be years ago. This is such a blessing. I could not have imagined this to be so wonderful or how it could have worked out this well.  I’ve also been led to a woman with a wonderful heart who is married to a pastor’s assistant doing outreach living in the community of Camden in New Jersey. She reminds me very much of my friend David who has devoted his life to “fixing the church mess in America” as he calls it. So many beautiful souls reaching out in love to others who are willing to receive help in whatever form it is available and recognizing the action of the metaphysical Divine in their lives.

Tonight was my monthly angel class. It’s the second Thursday of every month. It’s usually between 5 and 15 people. Rita channels whatever topic we are to cover that night and then leads us in a guided meditation/visualization from the angels, deities, and ascended masters who are present. We also choose an oracle card from each of two decks she is guided to bring that night.

I was running late for class tonight. (No surprise there.) I rarely arrive anywhere early. I usually make it right on time. Tonight I asked the angels to help me time warp because I didn’t want to miss a thing. The class is usually during my difficult time of the month, the week leading up to the full moon, and I always feel better afterwards. I ended up driving completely out of my way thinking I was going to take a short cut to the highway and then returning to my original spot once I asked the angels how to get there. My trip that should have taken 60 minutes in rush hour traffic totaled half the time. I was 25 minutes early for class so I went to a local park, took off my sandals and walked barefoot in the grass to ground. I Reiki’d a tree and was grateful to be cleared by it of anything lingering after my workday.

When I got to class, I choose my two oracle cards but hesitated picking one from the yellow Archangel deck. I picked the second card that stuck out to me because the first one seemed too obvious. (So funny how I still question my intuition. I seem to think it can’t be that easy, right?) I kept them face down and took a seat. Stella told me to go back and take the Archangel card I had first seen. The one I picked up was not the one for me. I went back, replaced the card I had and took the card that I first noticed.

When I sat down again, I looked at my cards. The first one was the Breath/Tree card from an Earth Magic oracle deck. That was the first oracle deck I had ever bought but I had never pulled that card from it before. The second card was Leadership with Archangel Gabriel about it being the time to claim this. I was confused.

I thought the Breath card was about what I had been doing with my body elemental. I’ve been talking to different parts of my body and marveling at how well they work and do what I ask of them. It has been very helpful in staying in the moment and being aware that I am working on this relationship. The Leadership card I didn’t really know what to do with. The last two angel classes I had attended I had gotten leadership messages as well. I had told the angels that if they wanted me to lead something I needed some clearer signs and to send people to me. I do have a lot of ideas of what I want to do but when I envision them they are in the future. I need to lay some groundwork first before I am there. I’m just bumbling around stumbling onto things right now.  They end up being great but I couldn’t necessarily say that they present a cohesive plan of what to do to move towards in the future.

The topic the angels wanted to talk about was life balance. This wasn’t one of our usual topics. They talked about human life and spiritual life balance. Human life being the work/life balance that people usually discuss. Spiritual life being the focus on developing relationship with our own Divinity and self-work. I thought this was a great topic. They also talked about gods taking human form to work among us. Very interesting and it fit with many of the messages I’ve been getting the past few months.

During the guided meditation, Mother Mary led us through a visualization and told us that we had been released of any karmic debts or harms that we had inflicted in this life and past lives. Such a gift!  I asked Stella during the meditation if this related to the soul contracts I’d been thinking of earlier this week. She reassured me that the topic had been one I’d thought of due to fear and that I had been released. I had been wondering why some things I’d asked for had not materialized. I had altered my thought patterns and prayed for assistance with working with them. It was a wonderful meditation and I had some trouble being still because I was buzzing so much. I asked for help managing it and they subsided.

The last portion of class is reserved for getting further guidance from anyone who wants it on the cards that they chose. I knew I wanted clarification on the Leadership card. I gained so much from listening to the messages of my classmates. And I am so excited for their journeys and what they are going to create!

There were three of us left who had not received clarification from the angels through Rita’s channeling. Rita saw I was still holding my cards and said she felt guided to save mine for last. I had a feeling of the crystals she was going to choose for my message and I waited. (She brings an assortment of crystals and pulls them to help as she feels guided.)

When she took my cards, she did pick the two crystals I had thought of. One of them was angelite. I forget the name of the other crystal but it was a long clear crystal that I see her use when she channels privately.

The angels and guides that she channeled said the Breath card was about how I was breathing in the cosmos with each inhale. She saw me taking in galaxies and information from distant universes. That was pretty cool but I really didn’t know what to do with it.

I was curious about the other card because I’ve been asking the angels what I’m supposed to do. I really haven’t gotten much of an answer on this that gives me any direction. The first message Rita relayed was one of me dancing and stepping on other people’s toes. I knew what that meant. I’ve been keeping quiet and just observing the messages that are out there about how to be happy and create a peaceful world. The next message the angels had was that I need to decide how I want to create my timeline. The angels want me to tell them how I want this to go. What do I see?  They said that I have and am receiving information that can pull pieces together but it’s not on a level that is easily relatable to others. She shared a few more messages that resonated with messages I’ve gotten and how some of them fit together. They asked me to share how I do what I do and how I live.

Well, this was not what I expecting!

But there I go. Having expectations.  I expected to be told that they wanted me to write a book, advertise my business (which I have let sleep for the most part), or do something completely unrelated.

I also asked for an explanation on the Breath card because I didn’t know what to do that. Rita told me that she saw me as a pyramid with my neck and face at the top and being filled with golden light from the Universe through my crown chakra. She saw me inhaling galaxies and languages from other universes and exhaling leaves and flowers. This sort of made sense because I was guided to sing to the lake when I’ve been there this week. I trust that more will be revealed.

So what does this mean to me?

To start, I know a little about what she is talking about with the information I’m getting.

I have piles of notes and journals filled with ideas for blog posts, books, videos, workshops.  It would take me a long time to go through it all. It’s about states of consciousness like I’ve blogged about here when I went through the ego, mind and the I AM. It’s about attracting higher vibrational guides, free will, emotions, reprogramming the matrix, sovereignty, twin flames and convergence. The information I’ve gotten on timelines (which developed into time streams which then developed into concurrent realities in the same universe) makes my brain melt but it also explains why there are so many different viewpoints on how life on Earth works. All possibilities exist!

I have been waiting for the angels to tell me how this plays out. What is my part in this?

I’m not perfect and I have much healing of my own heart to do still. I pretty much just work on myself and watch everything else happen.  It doesn’t bother me because it’s just different vibrations of Source. I thought there wasn’t much for me to do other than focus on myself and put one foot in front of the other. I’m starting to get information on how ascension, nirvana, heaven, and the like are related and how intention shapes our future in regards to that. Quite frankly, it is a huge ego trip which is why I don’t say too much. I’ve been telling myself if anybody wanted to know then they would be led to me and ask me.

Besides, most of what I know is best shared on a one-to-one basis because everyone is at a different vibration. Mine varies too depending on how I am feeling and what I am thinking. And not too many people go around looking for how they can change how they think about the world. Most people want support. I find that supporting others is the best way to provide them what they need. And who couldn’t use more support?  That’s what the Universe gives us every day if we look for it. More and more support until we find a vibration that we are comfortable in or that we want to change.

And I’ve been given information on how to change our vibration. Many different ways depending on where we are. It’s vastly different depending on what you want to create and what you believe to be true. Sometimes giving up works. Sometimes pushing ahead. Other times, it’s waiting and sometimes it’s looking for signs. I think there are more but I’m still learning.

For tonight, I needed to get this out.

And I need to think about what I want to create for my own timeline. I can see the end but I thought there was only one way to get there and I was hoping the angels would give me some direction.  Silly mind.  It wanted somewhere to rest and someone to tell me what happens. That is so easy to fall into as humans. So easy to think that we can’t change everything in the blink of an eye. But we can.

Now that I have all this freedom to create how I want to get there I need to spend some time thinking about what I would like to see. I’m excited!

The one thing I do know is that I don’t want to miss any of it so I am going to take my time. I want to enjoy every minute. I’m in no rush to be done here on Earth. I want to see what everyone including myself creates. We have so many possibilities!

I love you.

Have fun creating!



7 thoughts on “2014-06-12 Update/ Message from Angel Class

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      It’s a monthly class where get guidance about connecting with angels. We don’t study the angels exactly but we learn which angels work in different areas and receive messages, attunements and healing during meditation. I hope that helps!

  1. Gary Leigh

    I’ve said this before, but you do have an amazing energy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see big things coming from you in the future. 🙂 I will keep watching with interest.


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