Monthly Archives: July 2014

Call for volunteers

I’ve been putting this off for awhile. A very long while.

Almost a year actually.

As most of you know, I don’t do readings. Not for the public at least.

I’ve done card readings with oracle and tarot cards. (But I am not a tarot reader; I’m talking about card pulls and I share what I get from the card that is pulled. I don’t do layouts and I have not studied Tarot.) I’ve done psychometry with objects that people wear or that are important to them. Occasionally I have wine and the collectives want to talk to people. Sometimes friends will have an issue and ask me to feel into it for them.  Continue reading


Body Work, Part III: Food and light cravings, joint soreness, full moon grounding and hand chakras

Doing this work with my body and learning to love it and become one with it has developed in a few different directions. The mindfulness and kything is enough for a separate post which I hope to write in the next few days.

My ankle is doing much better and I’m hoping that the bird energy thing (whatever it is) has passed for now.  We’ve been having thunderstorms the past few days so I haven’t been out running much but I hope to head out tonight because the weather is beautiful here now. It’s sunny with low humidity and in the 80’s. (This is no small feat for summer in New Jersey!) Continue reading

Body Work, Part II: Changes to bones, body, and gait, Divine guidance, kything and Oneness

Since I’ve been talking to my body, I’ve been able to notice more, especially when I run. A few weeks ago I developed ankle weakness for no apparent reason. I asked Stella if anything was wrong or needed to be attended to by a doctor and she told me no. Some days I felt it would be strong enough to go running and some days I stayed home because I felt the need to rest. I just keep an eye on it and check in on what I can get done and what would not be prudent to do. I was curious about why my ankles were weak but I try not to drive myself crazy so I let it go and take care of myself. I’ll find out eventually, usually that is much later I’ve come to find. Continue reading