Body Work, Part II: Changes to bones, body, and gait, Divine guidance, kything and Oneness

Since I’ve been talking to my body, I’ve been able to notice more, especially when I run. A few weeks ago I developed ankle weakness for no apparent reason. I asked Stella if anything was wrong or needed to be attended to by a doctor and she told me no. Some days I felt it would be strong enough to go running and some days I stayed home because I felt the need to rest. I just keep an eye on it and check in on what I can get done and what would not be prudent to do. I was curious about why my ankles were weak but I try not to drive myself crazy so I let it go and take care of myself. I’ll find out eventually, usually that is much later I’ve come to find.

I’ve also been developing a different stride to my running which I can feel is transitioning to my walking gait as well. I was shown this during my running a few months ago and started using it. I won’t bore you with details but it’s worth mentioning along with a soreness that has been in my spine and my neck recently. It subsided just yesterday. The messages I’ve been getting are about bone structure and lots of rest. Sometimes I really do wish I received more to go on. It can be frustrating feeling like you’re a test subject and you don’t know what you signed up for.

I was trying to be patient but I was getting pretty frustrated not knowing what was wrong with my ankle. I really love to run and didn’t head out for two days in a row because I felt it needed rest. It’s not hard to also start thinking it’s all in your head when there isn’t any injury you can point to.

I happened to pick up the June issue of Sedona and flipped through it. There was one article that caught my eye and I started reading. Then I found this.

bird energy article excerpt

Yeah, so there’s that. Hee-hee!

In doing this body work, one of the biggest changes that affects others is what I eat since I do most of the cooking and meal planning for the dragon and my little guy.

I wrote earlier about getting messages to become vegan here. I didn’t really like those messages (I really like messages about bacon!) but they were what they were.

I was having a hard time with this so I pulled a card from my Kwan Yin oracle deck. It was perfect, as always, about some things needing Divine assistance and it had a meditation to ask for help from those beings that love us unconditionally. I practiced the meditation and asked for help being open and willing to this new change.

Stella told me (and I knew) that if I went cold turkey (becoming vegan) I would be miserable. It would feel like a punishment instead of something that would help me. So, I began eating what I liked and working on my thoughts around it. I focused on the physical enjoyment of eating and tasting the food instead of judging whether it was “good” for me or not. Stella supported me in this. She emphasized that it’s not what we eat that affects us; it’s how we think about what we eat.

What happened was that I was excited and grateful to be able to eat food that I actually liked! I started asking my body what it wanted to eat to make it happy. Then I started incorporating foods that my body asked for and eating them too. I was slowly transitioning to what made my body happy and didn’t notice because I was too happy and grateful to eat foods that I enjoyed. I stayed attentive to what my body wanted and my desire for the old things I liked started to fade. I would eat them ocassionally but I found that my body didn’t feel as good later.

Once I became willing to eat what my body wanted, I jumped on that bandwagon. When I am willing to do something whether I like it or not, it is so much easier when I am willing. I wanted to capitalize on it so I made sure to express my love, gratitude and appreciation to my guides and body for helping me make this transition because it was not coming from me. (I definitely had an attachment to bacon!)

Stella reminds me to eat food for pleasure too sometimes. I’m finding that I’d rather pay attention to how food feels in my body afterward than how it tastes in the moment. The feeling in my body directs me more. Lately, it’s been fruit, nuts and vegetables with a few exceptions.  And warm water with lemon each morning which I love!

I’m noticing a cycle to what and when my body wants food as well. As my eating has changed and I’m listening to what my body wants, I’ve been getting the feeling that each little mouthful is a packet of information for me. I’m picking up on what I can only call the “essence” of each piece of food that I eat. I get the impression that it is giving me some type of non-cognitive information. Lately, it seems like all I get is non-cognitive information from my experiences which has been hugely eye-opening.

I asked about this and was guided to several items, one of them being the Book of Ezekiel. It always gives me brain melt when I am guided to read something in the Bible.  I disregarded it for so long and to be led back to it (among other sources) makes me laugh at myself. It gives me great encouragement to stay on the track of being open to all sources of guidance. There is value in everything.

Since starting to talk to my body parts, I’ve begun operating from different perspectives at once.  A seer I know gave me a gift several months ago that I didn’t know how to tap into. She gave me the gift of kything. (I had to look this up because I did not know what it was when she and the angels told me that I had received it. The link was the best description I’ve found.)

As I’ve been talking to different body parts and listening to what they have to share, I started to be able to operate both from the perspective of the beholder and that which is beheld. I don’t have adequate words to describe this experience. It is not like noticing and paying attention to both parties in an interaction. I’ve done this a lot when being the beholder, both for myself and  in interactions with the outside world. This is wholly different and amazing; I experience and become both parties simultaneously.

I wish there were more words available but I don’t know them. This experience continued throughout the day shows me how all is One and how to be One while living in a separate body within the differentiations of Oneness.

I asked to learn more so that I could put this experience into words. I’m being guided to some Vedic literature and a few other sources.  While reading, I started getting more messages about what this means but I don’t have it all yet to explain cohesively.

Also, in monitoring my thoughts and directing what my mind attends to instead of letting it wander or thinking about the past, my synchronicities have exploded. I’m manifesting faster than I was before without putting in effort (in the physical sense). It requires constant diligence since the mind is always grasping but I’m starting to train it where to look. I usually pick two places – the present moment and what I am expecting the Universe to send me. I have not been disappointed! On a few occasions, I deliberately slowed down what I was imagining because I don’t want it all at once. I’m enjoying the unfolding.

For today, I’m focused on being present with my loved ones and have been enjoying a lot of painting.  I find so much center in the strokes of a paintbrush.

I love you.


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