Body Work, Part III: Food and light cravings, joint soreness, full moon grounding and hand chakras

Doing this work with my body and learning to love it and become one with it has developed in a few different directions. The mindfulness and kything is enough for a separate post which I hope to write in the next few days.

My ankle is doing much better and I’m hoping that the bird energy thing (whatever it is) has passed for now.  We’ve been having thunderstorms the past few days so I haven’t been out running much but I hope to head out tonight because the weather is beautiful here now. It’s sunny with low humidity and in the 80’s. (This is no small feat for summer in New Jersey!)

What I had been craving to eat while listening to my body started to shift too. I’d been eating fruits, nuts, veggie broth and vegetables. I haven’t wanted starches or any kind of animal protein. No meat, fish, cheese, milk. None of it. All I was thinking of was leafy vegetables. And seaweed. Seaweed has become my new best friend. Haha! I wasn’t even eating chocolate.

That really doesn’t sound like me!

I was a little concerned and I asked Stella about it. There were some days I didn’t eat much at all. I only wanted to be outside. About a week ago, my ankle was still a bit sore and I asked Stella about it. I didn’t want to do anything that I had planned that day. I just wanted to sit in the sunlight. She suggested I take a trip to the beach. So, the dragon and I got in the car and drove to the beach. It felt like all I needed was light. My ankle and my whole body felt so much better after being there for just a little while!

I’ve had some general body soreness around the joints. I was led to read a few things and all of it pointed to musculoskeletal changes. I didn’t know what that meant but I rested and the more time I spent outside when the sun was up, the better I felt. I asked the dragon and his spirit guide if they could pick up anything. (Sometimes I get the feeling that Stella and my team just give me support so I don’t get brain melt. It’s comforting but I have to work at not getting frustrated with it. Once I know, it doesn’t really change anything anyway so I still have to flow with it.) The dragon said that he picked up that I was storing energy in my bones. So….. I still don’t know what that means.  See? I get so attached to wanting to know and then it doesn’t matter anyway. Haha!

But I want to write about what I’m going through even if I don’t understand it.  I don’t get most of it. Usually I find out weeks or months down the line.  Some things I still don’t know and they happened a year ago. All in good time. If I need to see a doctor, I start getting signs of it and then I go.

So I’ve been having this joint soreness on and off for about a week or two now. Most of it is in my legs, back and neck. There’s not too much in my arms.

The interesting message I’ve been getting is to start strengthening my muscles. I told the dragon that I wanted to start weight training. His eyes got big.

“Not like a female body builder, right?”

“No, not like a body builder. I get the feeling to make them stronger, not to become huge.”

“Okay, good. I don’t like female body builders.”

“I don’t want to be huge and built. But I get the feeling I need to do more than tone them. I need to be able to move and lift things easily. I don’t know why.”

Once the dragon was reassured that I wasn’t going to become the female Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was supportive. I know how attached he is to women with boobs and hips. Heck, I’m with him there. I didn’t like how thin I’d gotten last year when I started losing my curves. Just a personal preference for my body. (If that’s even something I get to ask the Universe for! All I can do is put out the desire and expectation and follow what I’m shown.)

I asked to be guided to something that I could do at home. I didn’t want to add another place to go (the gym) or for expensive equipment. Thank you, guides!  I was led to a book on Amazon that uses minimal equipment and your own body weight. It was written by a man who spent ten years training different branches of special forces units in the U.S.

I chuckled at myself. I would normally not pick up a book affiliated with special forces. (For the record, my father was a Green Beret in the army most of his life until he retired and I asked him as little as possible once I found out what he did.) So, I just told my ego to settle down and I thanked the Universe for sending me the exact answer to my request.  It was even better that the book was available at my local library so I could get it faster and check it out before I decided if I wanted to buy it. Perfect!

So, training starts this week. I’ve started reading the introductory chapters and I have to say they are very motivational!  (Good thing for an exercise book. Haha!) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last Thursday I also had angel class. It was two days before the full moon and a wonderful class as usual. For this class we each had to hold a grounding crystal for our work and I had my trusty smoky quartz with me. And I don’t know if they are connected or not but between angel class and the full moon, I had a lot of grounding issues this weekend. I was bumping into things, excitable (more than usual), scattered and unfocused. I ran over my own toe in my desk chair. OW!

During this full moon, I was guided to eat differently. I was grounding outside, asking for help, doing all my visualizations. I took a trip with the kids to my mom’s overnight and packed my iron chains to sleep with. Thank goodness! I haven’t had grounding issues flare up during the full moon but I was eating meat and chocolate like it was going out of style. I’m starting to get back to lighter foods today.

This full moon I was still feeling others. I asked that this be changed and I truly thought that it was going to shift. I didn’t even ask about it at angel class and the angels said that I had to flow with it and be still. Those were their words for when I heard too many people. Be Still.

So, when it started to get overwhelming and I knew it wasn’t my stuff I was feeling, I quieted down and paid attention. I started looking at myself and I could see all of this chaotic energy in front of my solar plexus chakra. It was a mess! I asked the dragon to look at me and what he felt. He saw the same thing. (I didn’t tell him that anything was wrong or what I was looking for. Otherwise, it gets hard to trust what he gets too.)

I kept paying attention each time it got overwhelming and I noticed there was a lot of activity around my third eye as well. More than normal. I asked a friend to peek at me and she saw green healing energy around my third eye. I was pretty excited!

The last body change I’ve noticed started last night. Each night before I go to bed, I get on my knees. I talk to my guides and the Divine Creator. I thank them for all their help, ask for continued help and guidance and to be shown what I need to do to help myself and others. Sometimes I pull an oracle card if I’m guided. Then I crawl into bed. Some nights I’ll Reiki myself; some nights I’m really tired and I ask Stella if my guides can Reiki me while I sleep. (She gave me this cool idea. I love it!)

When I crawl into bed, I usually put my hands together in prayer (the Namaskara mudra) over my heart and keep talking to my guides about whatever is on my mind. Last night when I did this, I got the impression of all of my hand chakras and my hands started heating up. I wasn’t doing Reiki. They just started getting warmer and warmer. I listened to my intuition and left them there for a while then I asked Stella what to do and she said put them over my heart so I did. I could feel the heat spreading throughout my body from them and was very relaxed. There didn’t seem to be anything else after that so I settled into bed. But today I’ve had certain parts of my hands heat up again and I get the impression of separate chakras. I don’t know anything about hand chakras so I don’t know what it is. I’ll add it to my list of things I’d like to learn and just pay attention to what I’m guided to do.

For tonight, I am out of seaweed and cantaloupe. It’s time to get to the store and head out for a run. I wish you peace.

I love you.


4 thoughts on “Body Work, Part III: Food and light cravings, joint soreness, full moon grounding and hand chakras

  1. Esther

    So interesting! I love that you are so detailed! I know I have been “recalibrating” this week. Mostly when this happens I feel all detached, just pulling out of it now. And what have I been led to read during this? Humorous Erotic Romance Novels! Love it! Hope I will feel re-attached soon! In the meantime, I shall continue ignoring my emails and the planning of anything!


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