Call for volunteers

I’ve been putting this off for awhile. A very long while.

Almost a year actually.

As most of you know, I don’t do readings. Not for the public at least.

I’ve done card readings with oracle and tarot cards. (But I am not a tarot reader; I’m talking about card pulls and I share what I get from the card that is pulled. I don’t do layouts and I have not studied Tarot.) I’ve done psychometry with objects that people wear or that are important to them. Occasionally I have wine and the collectives want to talk to people. Sometimes friends will have an issue and ask me to feel into it for them. 

But I’ve been getting pushes to follow up on something I was told last fall. In September last year, I was led to a woman who channels and didn’t know anything about what she did. I followed the signs and showed up. In the channeling, I found out much of what was going on with me and all the changes that had happened. One of the things my guides told me was that I could channel and connect to people through their hand chakras.

This sounded neat but I didn’t have any idea how to do it. I was also having fluctuating grounding issues and just enjoying my journey. I couldn’t hear anything I was getting because I wasn’t grounded.

I’ve asked the Universe and my guides to show me how to channel similarly to how Rita (who runs the angel class I attend) does. There are several reasons for this but the answer I’ve been getting lately has led me back to this message about connecting through hand chakras to get started. (I also approached Rita about it and she is in the process of consulting her guides and the angels to put a series of classes together to facilitate this. Yay!)

So, I need practice. I’ve done this with a few friends and with the dragon. I can make no promises of what will come through. I’ve received information ranging from medical advice and  current struggles people are having to past life issues and relationships and how they are affecting the present or being recreated. I might get names of angels or guides and messages. Sometimes I see particular timelines that people are on but I’m not a fortune teller. It’s just a snapshot of the current energy stream and can change.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to help me practice, contact me. Either through twitter or if you leave a comment on my About page, I get your email address.  Or a comment below that you’re interested and I’ll come find you on your blog. (I won’t be contacting “likes” on this post. They’re just a great way of saying hi to me!)

We can have a cup of tea and chat. I can’t promise anything but I’ll be happy to give you a reiki session in exchange for your time. (I have received the Usui Reiki I and II attunements.)

As a note, if you are going through something extremely painful that you don’t want me to see, this would not be a good idea. Many times I pick up what is plucking at the heartstrings and issues related to that. My hope is that if you are following my blog you understand that we all have hurts we are healing and I am no exception but you need to be comfortable with that idea first.

Thank you for considering the request.

(And now while I am at it, Stella suggests that I offer reiki to anyone who is interested.  So, if that rings a bell for you, let me know.)

I love you.


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