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Soldier King

On my lunch break today I went to a park closer to my work so I would have more time to read rather than spend it driving. All I want to do is be outside lately.

It isn’t really a park. It’s an out-of-season soccer field bordered by non-manicured trees and brush on two sides. But…. it works in a pinch when I’m short on time.

A bench had appeared last week on one of the sides near the trees which I was happy to see. I had been sitting on the ground which can be tough in work clothes. I swung the bench around to face the trees instead of the field and settled in. Continue reading





I went to work yesterday and thought pretty hard about taking that video post down.

It would have been so easy.

I posted it late at night. No one had seen it. I had only told one friend that I was even making a video. Of course, there were subscribers by email who would be perplexed but wasn’t my vanity worth it? Continue reading

2014-08-12 Update


It’s good to see you.

I’ve been wanting to blog more and I have several posts written about what’s been going on but I have this feeling to hold off for now on posting them.  I don’t know why because I’m excited about them but I’ll wait and see what comes.

I learned a new method of shielding that I didn’t know about and started using it which has been immensely helpful.  If you’re an empath, you know it can be overwhelming so I am very grateful. My empathy was interfering with my ability to discern what was a message from Spirit and what I was picking up from others. I’m still working out the kinks but I could tell the difference in how I felt almost immediately.  Once that was more manageable, my messages and intuition started getting clearer again. Just the relief from all those emotions was wonderful. Continue reading