2014-08-12 Update


It’s good to see you.

I’ve been wanting to blog more and I have several posts written about what’s been going on but I have this feeling to hold off for now on posting them.  I don’t know why because I’m excited about them but I’ll wait and see what comes.

I learned a new method of shielding that I didn’t know about and started using it which has been immensely helpful.  If you’re an empath, you know it can be overwhelming so I am very grateful. My empathy was interfering with my ability to discern what was a message from Spirit and what I was picking up from others. I’m still working out the kinks but I could tell the difference in how I felt almost immediately.  Once that was more manageable, my messages and intuition started getting clearer again. Just the relief from all those emotions was wonderful.

One of the side effects of feeling overwhelmed by emotions is looking at what it brings up in me.  I had started to take on some of what I was feeling in others and thinking it was mine because it lasted so long. Then I started working on myself and doing what many people call “shadow” work.  Looking at those things that we don’t like in ourselves.

I started getting signs to see a woman I know who channels but I didn’t understand why. I honestly thought that I was doing the best I could do under the circumstances.  (See, how I went to thinking there was something “wrong” with me? )  The signs kept appearing so I did make an appointment to see her.

I am very glad that I did. One of the things that came out of it was the shielding technique that I’m now using. Another thing which was very helpful was that I was basically chipping away at my own self-esteem doing shadow work on emotions which weren’t mine.  I try to be honest with myself but there is always more to be done so I kept going deeper and deeper looking for what I needed to accept and look at in myself. I was digging and digging for something that was buried in someone else’s yard.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have work to do. We talked about that too.  A lot of my work right now is the body work which I’m doing in stops and starts. It is extremely challenging for me to imagine that this is the body I have for the rest of this life. We talked about some other areas that I need to work on acceptance of as well. Some of them were very humbling and I don’t know if I even have it in to me talk about them yet. I’m going to give them time. Basically, I need to learn patience. (Like that one is easy, right?)

Once I started the shielding and was feeling better, things flowed more easily.  Not that life is perfect. It’s not. It’s been a challenging month with surprise notices from governmental and corporate agencies. This week in particular some of them are coming to a head. I am grateful for a friend who passed on a message from Ma’at to help with a legal matter that the dragon has a court date for this week.

The first time I open the mail and see the letters, I do get stressed. But then a day or two passes and I ask my guides what to do. I’m not going to plant my head in the sand.  All we can do is walk through it. It’s in our lives for a reason, even if I don’t know what that reason is right now.

As my empathy became more manageable, I realized that I was doing more and more work in dreamtime which then spilled over to my meditation. I’ve started getting up earlier to meditate. (Thanks to my guides whom I asked for help to get my butt out of bed!)  I’d heard that meditation first thing in the morning was beneficial but I really liked my pillow. As I asked for help, it became easier and easier. Now I look forward to it.  My images and messages are most clear when I don’t touch too many things so I don’t get a lot of tactile information to wake me up too much. It’s been very helpful guiding me through the day.

I’ve also been writing like a madwoman which I love. It has started to flow so much that I’ve begun using a voice recorder on my phone throughout the day whenever I don’t have the time or resources to write. I’m slowly working on transcribing it.  It is amazing to me how one day builds upon the next and the next and the next. (And how all my messages slow down and I get “let go” over and over when I am resisting something!)  When I can release the outcome and just be, it all comes together. I don’t know where it’s going but it’s a fun ride to experience!

Finally, my little guy has been showing me exactly what he needs from me lately. He doesn’t share too much about his internal life but he has been asking more and more questions lately about God, living, and dying. He wants to know what the purpose of living is and what the purpose of dying is. I explained my understanding in terms he could comprehend. I also told him to ask his angel for more details. I’ve started re-reading one of the Dalai Lama’s books and he picked it up and asked me who he was, where he was from, where is Tibet, how old is he, etc. Then he wanted me to read him the entire book and he actually sat for an hour while I read How To See Yourself As You Really Are. (Then his playdate arrived. Haha!)

He told me that he wants to talk to all the spiritual leaders of the world and ask them who God is. I told him that he could write to them and they may write back. We will probably go to the book store to look for books on different world traditions written for his level. I am grateful he is asking. I don’t want to tell him that what I believe is correct but I do think that I need to give him exposure to different views of what he is asking about. I asked him if he was interested in going to the Unitarian Universalist church near us and he said yes. I’d been thinking of taking him so I’ll see if he is still interested. His tastes change quickly and I want to meet him where he is and not push anything he isn’t ready for. I’m also keenly aware that this search needs to come from him because he came here to find his own way. It may not be mine and that’s fine. I trust his heart.

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. I’m slowly getting caught up on your posts because I’m about two weeks or so behind.  I haven’t lost interest!  I’ve just been buried in paperwork.  😉

I wish you a peaceful week. I love you.



5 thoughts on “2014-08-12 Update

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kellie.
      I started having some wild experiences and didn’t know where they were coming from. Some started manifesting physically.
      I think it’s important to remember that we can’t know everything that’s going on around us energetically. I needed guidance from those who can (my guides) to know what is right for me. I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all practice for everyone. I found that some things which worked for others were actually not helpful for me. I had no idea! I just did what I’d heard you were supposed to do. This technique that I was given has really catapulted my development just in the past few weeks.
      I’m glad it was helpful. I think this is a really important topic but I’ll step off my soapbox for now. 😉

  1. amandaseesdreams

    Hi Sarah,
    I love that you are raising your son with an openness to different paths of spirituality. I grew up in an atheist home so luckily avoided the conditioning of major religion, but had to find spirituality on my own much later. I bet your son will grow into an incredibly deep adult after being raised to embrace his open mind. ❤ Love, Amanda

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Amanda,
      Thank you!
      I’m curious about growing up atheist (if you don’t mind). Did you tell your family when you started your own search? If so, how did they react?
      I was raised Roman Catholic so most of the moral reasoning for being “good” I was taught was based on fear, judgment and shame. And not all Catholics are like this, I know. It was just my experience.
      And if the topic is too broad for a comments section I understand. 🙂

      1. amandaseesdreams

        Hi Sarah,

        I just saw this actually! It slipped right by me. I’d say my instinct and intuition was definitely wounded due to my upbringing, but that has served me well, actually, and caused me to be fiercely vigilant over protecting it now. As for the Awakening, it was completely unexpected and, like many, on the tales of crisis…so there was not a lot of “discussion,” to say the least. I was already out of the house when “They came for me.”

        I am amazed that you successfully broke out of the confines of a shame-driven and fear-driven environment, no matter what specific faith.

        It’s always fascinating to hear from you.


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