Soldier King

On my lunch break today I went to a park closer to my work so I would have more time to read rather than spend it driving. All I want to do is be outside lately.

It isn’t really a park. It’s an out-of-season soccer field bordered by non-manicured trees and brush on two sides. But…. it works in a pinch when I’m short on time.

A bench had appeared last week on one of the sides near the trees which I was happy to see. I had been sitting on the ground which can be tough in work clothes. I swung the bench around to face the trees instead of the field and settled in.

It was a breezy day and the sunlight was doing delightful things on the grass through the leaves.

“You picked a perfect spot here.”

I turned around to see a young man with brown hair carrying a water bottle and a notebook walking towards me.

“I like the trees. Someone was kind enough to put a bench here so I turned it around to enjoy the view.”

I moved the items I had on the bench over to make room for him to sit. I didn’t know if he was staying but he had just walked across an entire soccer field to come over to where I was. I had moved away from the parking lot and pathways.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. What’s your name?”

“I’m Soldier King.”

After that point, I can’t recall if I asked what the story was behind his name or whether he told me there was a story and I asked what it was. But Soldier King was a beautiful inspiration to me today that I must share with you.

Soldier King means that no one does it alone. That we all change the world together. I loved that and the more we sat and talked, the more I could see that he was being the change he wanted to see in the world.

“What did you come out to do?” I asked him.

“I’m writing a book.”

“Oh neat. What’s it about?”

“Do you want to hear it? I’ll read it to you.”

“I would love that.”

He read me the beginning.

Soldier King is writing about how the world needs to change. He writes about how it can’t be done alone but it can be done together. He writes about taking action even when you don’t what will happen and staying true to yourself.

It was easy to tell how driven he is.

Soldier King said, “I’m starting a company. I make T shirts.”

“Really? That sounds pretty neat.”

I noticed a piece of newspaper flapping in the breeze in his notebook. He took it out and handed it to me.

Soldier King asked me, “What do you see?”

It wasn’t a newspaper. It was a page from a telephone book. The very first page of the A’s in the business section.

There was writing along the top. An email address. Numbers. Nothing that stuck out to me, though. Next to each business there was a line through the phone number. Some had “NIS” written next to them. Others had nothing or an abbreviation that I couldn’t make out.

“It’s the first page from the phone book. What did you do with these numbers?”

“I’ve called each one. I started at the beginning and called each number asking them to carry my T shirts.”


“I worked on Wall Street. I know that I won’t get a yes every time but I have to start somewhere. It may seem crazy…”

“No! I love it! That really shows some determination and drive.”

He pointed to a number near the bottom of the page. “See this one? They said yes. They are selling my shirts.”

He turned the page over. “I’m calling these today. I know it may be nuts but I have to start somewhere. Every little bit counts. I’m starting a company.”

“I think what you’re doing is great. I’m so glad we met today.”

“I walked around my neighborhood too. I went to all the houses on my block door-to-door. I live not too far from here.”

Soldier King and I continued talking until I had to go back to work. I was so moved by him I asked if I could take his picture and tweet it. I loved the synchronicity and how the Universe puts exactly those people we need in our lives when we simply go about our day. He was just what I needed today. So grateful!

I wanted to share this today because this is the future I see. Looking forward to big things!

I love you.


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