2014-08-31 My Latest Channeling- Part 1

I had a channeler come over to talk with my guides for clarification. This is part one which discusses the information from my higher self. We talked about changes in DNA and blood, physical symptoms, learning to get clarification from Spirit, future work, beginning to channel for others and shifts from fire to air energies.

Much love!

11 thoughts on “2014-08-31 My Latest Channeling- Part 1

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Rajiv,
      It’s the same thing as a channel. Someone who allows Spirit to communicate through them in some form. That’s my definition, at least. Personally, I distinguish between psychics and channels (or mediums). Many psychics tap into energy to give readings. I have gotten more specific information because channels can speak with my guides or allow my guides to use their bodies to speak through them. Esther Hicks is a famous channeler. She channels the collective Abraham, if you’ve heard of them.
      I’ve also had to go to different channelers because not everyone can hold or access the same vibrations. (I don’t know how that works.) I went to different channels because I was told that there were others who wanted to speak with me but that channel couldn’t hold them.
      And now, you have given me a great topic for a new post because I realize I have a lot to say about this. Lol!
      I think you channel too. We all do when we access those higher parts of ourselves for art, relationships, music, everything love and creation related.

      1. sayyestoeverything Post author

        Hi Rajiv!

        You’ve got my juices flowing on this one. I’m going to make a video this week on channeling. You’ve inspired me!
        But I do want to share a juicy synchronicity with you that gave me brain melt. I usually read your blog on the app but was on a desktop today. I had never noticed the header on the top left of your home page. I immediately sent the link to my boyfriend. One of the inside jokes we have is a spider named Esmerelda who lives with us. When I saw that on your blog I was flabbergasted!

        Have a peaceful day!

      2. Rajiv

        Oh seriously? A spider called Esmerelda? Wow! I had a blog that disappeared, and I converted that into a fantasy book that my friend is editing. Esmerelda is the witch. The Old One, in that book. The spider idea came from Tolkien!

  1. amandaseesdreams

    Hi Sarah,
    You seem so calm and at peace in this one! I thank you for sharing more of the journey with us, and wish you blessings as you continue to find your stride with the videos.

    The part about slowing down kundalini when needed, is huge. We must learn to work with the energies, at a pace that feels ok to us. After all, most of us still have to be able to function 😉


    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Amanda!
      Thank you for watching and the blessings. You are so right. Unfortunately, I have become so used to changing symptoms that I don’t always know if it’s something I can control. I usually just call it a day and do self-care. Very grateful for the direction here! Otherwise it becomes all self-care and what I want to do doesn’t manifest. Being able to function in our bodies is so important. Without a body….kinda tough here. My reminder every day.

  2. HealingAngels4U

    Hi Sarah,

    Your video literally brightened up my day! I absolutely love channeling & channeling is one of my forte too! Wow.. We have so much in common it’s really interesting! I think we crossed path for a reason. I’m looking forward to more enchanting & fascinating video uploads from you! Love your vibes & laughter. They warmed my heart 🙂 Your guides were right to ask you to make videos. You look absolutely amazing on screen!

    Sending you so much love, light & angel blessings,
    Grace ❤

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Grace!
      What a beautiful name you have. It suits your energy well. I’m so excited for you!
      I’m so glad you liked the video.
      Thank you so much for the high praise. I like to write but I think it’s easier to connect for me on video. I originally started this blog as all videos when I started ascending. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.
      Are you on Twitter? Spirit wants me to connect you with a friend of mine but she doesn’t blog. She’s a BIG fairy fan!

      1. HealingAngels4U

        Thank you, dearest Sarah! You’re a true inspiration to many ❤ yes, I am on Twitter. Your friend can add me @ loveed_grace 🙂 I don't mostly tweet about fairies and spirituality in there though. It's more of a personal & social medium! Hope you have an awesome & lovely day ahead! Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤

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