2014-08-31 My Latest Channeling Part 2

Hello Loves!

I met my teacher from dreamtime. He gave me his sign. Suggestions for working with crystals, meridians and matrices around the Earth. Support from my tantric soul mate. Body shifts and changes.

Much love!

2 thoughts on “2014-08-31 My Latest Channeling Part 2

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Raviv,

      Yes, I’ve been receiving more messages and evidently there are a lot of us who have been learning all sorts of things while we are asleep. I’ve had precognitive dreams before and dreams in which I am working out issues. Sometimes I’ve had visitations in my sleep. But once I started gridding my bed with crystals and setting the intention to receive messages and healing from my third eye through my crown chakras, things really picked up. I started having visions before bed and my dreams became very vivid and I remembered some themes which became more clear as I went through my day.

      I had remembered being in classes with others as a student and a teacher. I had gotten my teacher’s name in meditation and a few details but I don’t remember him from my dreams. Evidently, my guides say I downloaded all of this information that I don’t even know I have yet. I hope that answers your question. Not all the learning I’m doing is conscious.

      Keep those poems coming. I love them!

      Much love!


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