Grateful to relate


I met someone new.

We’ve been talking for about three months now and I’ve been smitten since I first met him.

Honestly, I knew he was there for a while but I was distracted by a sudden change in one of my friendships that left me reeling. Then I started picking up the pieces and I asked the Universe to send me a new experience.

You know that feeling when you meet someone and it all clicks? Yup.

You know when they are the first person that you want to tell when something great happens? And the first person that you want to cry on their shoulder when you’re not feeling so good?

Yup.     Yup.

And all of that has been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But it’s not the most important part to me. The most important part to me is relating.

As equals.

He’s not my savior and doesn’t make me out to be his either.  He does his own inner work and is willing to share it with me. He asks about mine and stays through the intense parts.  He knows his own boundaries and how to respect them with love. Then we talk about why we have those boundaries and whether there is another way we can express them. It’s a beautifully fluid and intimate relationship that I honestly didn’t know if I would find.

So I write because I am so grateful to have the opportunity to relate in this way. To see someone else and be seen. To share and to ask about someone else who is willing to share themselves.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the inside jokes, the random silly texts and notes out of nowhere. Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and being a regular goofball. Having to say, “Stop! I can’t breathe!” from cracking up.

I am beyond words for how grateful and thankful and over-the-moon I am that I have the opportunity to have this relationship just for today.

I love you.



8 thoughts on “Grateful to relate

  1. Esther

    I must say I horribly jealous and insanely happy for you. I know it is time for me to find new friends; the alone personal growth time is over. I now have new cyber friends around the world. Thanks And love for them, but I am ready for some physical friends too!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Oh Esther, I hear you!!!!!
      And I have to tell you I haven’t physically met this person yet. While I do WANT to cry on their shoulder, Spirit has said, Not yet.
      So….we talk, we text, we trade stories.
      I think I may have mentioned my bestie who lives on the West Coast to you. We aren’t even allowed to meet physically yet. She’s soul family and we talk and text but one of us usually has to be outside or grounding while we talk. We are hoping to be able to use FaceTime soon so we can see each other AND talk.
      And Esther if you are ever on the East coast, you know my door is open for tea! (There will probably be chocolate too…..I look for any excuse nowadays. I never even liked chocolate before I woke up.)
      Much love!


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