2014-10-11 Update

Moving from choice to a response. My responses in daily life and with portal opening. Changes in sharing with my best friend. Taking moldovite bath salts on a walk. Message about community and the plant kingdom. Joining a mediumship development circle. Interesting effect of drinking a kale booster smoothie. Grounding issues. A wet energy discharge with dragon help. New crystal friends.

This is Michael’s amazing post that changed everything for me. (Thank you, Michael!)

I love you.


4 thoughts on “2014-10-11 Update

  1. Michael

    Thanks for the link, Sarah. It’s great that you got so much out of that. A couple weeks ago I think you mentioned connecting with Jeshua, and the post you enjoyed so much was inspired by reading and working with information contained in A Course of Love, which is a message brought by Jesus as well.

    Much Love

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Michael,

      My pleasure! In the past two weeks, the only ascended master oracle card I’ve pulled is Jesus and he stopped by two times to talk. I don’t usually chat with him too much; no reason. It just doesn’t happen a lot. Then a friend of mine who talks to him intimately and calls him the “Sweet One” contacted me with a message. Jeshua is a busy guy!

      I did enjoy your post very much. I’m going to check out A Course in Love this week. Thank you for giving me some more food for thought…or to respond to. 🙂

      Much love,

  2. kellie@writingmoment

    The tight curls are fantastic! Raining at my house right now too, lovely!
    Ok, I have been hearing too much about Reiki as well as meeting a practitioner at a party the other day, this is definitely something I have to look into, thank you Sarah.


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