Gratitude List


There are so many wonderful things in the world and I want to take some time to remind myself of some of them.

I am grateful for:

brown bunnies in the snow
a steaming cup of tea first thing in the morning
willingness to look for what I want to see in the world
the help I receive when I ask
being willing to ask
learning a new language and a new way of viewing the world
functional eyes to see the steam rising off my cup of tea
fuzzy slippers on a cold morning
smiles from strangers for no reason
being bewildered and be-wondered by how life operates
a skirt that is fitted over the waist and hips and swirls when I dance
willingness to take action when I don’t understand
being comfortable with falling
a man who listens and supports me
learning new ways to relate and new beings to relate with
happy dancing fairies
my son who still reaches for my hand when we walk
willingness to be wrong so I can grow and see with new eyes
trusting myself and the process
all the help I have and the wacky ways it shows up
knowing that my ego is not me (such freedom!)
St. Germaine
meeting new friends who feel like old friends
being able to type, to walk, to sing, to dance, to make love
quinoa pasta, chia seeds and wheatgrass powder
dream followers

Wishing you a magical day, Loves. Big hugs!

8 thoughts on “Gratitude List

  1. litebeing

    This is beautifully poetic Sarah, I love it! Especially the brown bunnies, the swirling skirt and steaming hot tea! I am grateful to have you in my life and am inspired by your ability to dance and skip freely over this terrain. Where can I find Smokey’s blog? 🙂

    xoxo litebeinglinda

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Thanks, litebeinglinda. I wanted a reminder for myself and I have been seeing bunnies everywhere!

      Smokey’s blog is here. I told him last night that he needs to update his gravatar. Personally, I find gravatar very confusing. I’m working on learning more about how to use it.

      Big hugs!

      1. litebeing

        It is a learning curve and I still am figuring things out. It is great to include a cute but meaningful tagline and blog link with profile. I use mine on pinterest, twitter, etc. Your icon is beautiful and colors match Mandy’s. It suits you 🙂

        I am visiting Smokey’s blog, thanks for the link.

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