My Perfect Halloween Morning Message


I woke up this morning with one phrase in my mind.

Innough Dess noi noi.

Ummm…..I have never heard those words in my life.

But I do know exactly what they mean. And why translations don’t always express the original meaning of the native tongue.

It is an idiom.

What is the language?

I don’t know.

The rough translation is, “Like a child, unbeknownst to you, your clothes are tailor made.”

But this is so, so far from the FEELING this statement belies. The feeling of this statement has the quality of slipping into a form that is superbly fitted to your shape. The only word I can think of is skin but this word is not adequate because it brings to mind physicality and warmth of a body and these are not the feelings nor intent of the message. It is not about physicality but physicality has the only rude counterparts that we may use to express this.  Perhaps sheath would fit better but the sheath would then become indistinguishable from the self. You believe that sheath is you.

The idiom has the feeling of not even knowing that you are within something which is not you. And there is no judgment in it. Nor even a feeling that there is anything which you need to do to change this or uncover something. The feeling of being a child is very prominent.

I think this is part of the problem in translating. What comes across is words on a page and they all have equal weight unless I make them bold or italicize them or give you a funny picture. You don’t know which word has more emphasis or has a stronger feeling.

In this instance, the predominant feeling is one of innocence and purity. The feeling this statement carries is that the statement exists as a point of fact. It is not made to inspire action. It is shared almost from a feeling of assurance. Knowing that the one to which it is spoken does not understand where they find themselves.

The feeling of innocence pervades the statement. The child does not even know that there are clothes. And clothing is a poor word for this because we have a feeling that clothes are separate from our body. The child cannot distinguish that clothing is being worn.

This feeling of being tailor made is also very important. It feels as if the clothes are designed to be seamless. Taking any action to attempt to remove them would be futile. The clothes are serving a purpose whether that purpose is recognized or not.

I am grateful for this message today. It has been an amazing, mysterious week.

I love you.


8 thoughts on “My Perfect Halloween Morning Message

  1. Esther

    Hey Sarah,
    It has been a weird week for me too. Mostly physical weirdness. So weird, as I sit here I realize that I don’t know how to describe it all. 🙂 Thanks for the dreamtime share. I KNOW I had an important dreamtime chat with a good friend of mine last night. But I can’t retrieve what it was about…only that I was really paying close attention during it. Lol! It was retained on some level, hopefully! So I am super impressed at your wonderful recall upon awakening!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Thanks, Esther. Now that you say something, I am reminded that I need to clear the crystal grid under my bed. I haven’t been remembering too many lately but last night I did take my labradorite out on a moonlight picnic so maybe it got cleared to help. Who knows?

      I hear you on knowing that something cool happened but not knowing what. I wake up thinking I did something so neat! I wish I knew what it was. Haha!
      I hope your physical weirdness isn’t intrusive. It has been extra-freaky lately.

      Big hugs!

  2. kellie@writingmoment

    To recall those words is pretty impressive! Most days I’ll remember something then quickly forget it, though this morning I remember it all and I’m grateful as I haven’t done that for a while 🙂
    And that pic is so cute!!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Thanks, Kellie! I love that pic and was so glad I found it.
      I lose stuff fast but I’m working on it and asking for help. One thing I do is keep my phone by my bed and I use a voice recorder each time I wake up to say whatever I was dreaming about. The dragon is used to this after several months. He knows if I reach for the recorder that he can’t touch me because physical sensation takes me out of that headspace fast.
      Anything interesting you want to share that you remembered? It did happen when the veil is thin. 😉

  3. litebeing

    Oh has it been a weird and wacky week! I really like the picture, so sweet. Your morning message is fascinating and complex. I hope it is also quite illuminating.

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Thanks, litebeing. It was very helpful. There isn’t anything veiled in the message. It has been another confusing week where I didn’t know why or how things happened so it was comforting to know that I can just keep plugging along and it will make sense later. It has definitely been a weird week! I hope you are enjoying it. Much love!


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