Convergence – Part 1

Hello, shiny friends!

This is the first in a series. This will take a bit of time to explain. I’m excited to see what comes.

I love you!



9 thoughts on “Convergence – Part 1

  1. litebeing

    I know that you are not entertaining questions in the comments ( or perhaps you said you will not answer them in comments?) but in any case, I so appreciate your purity here. I am so glad you underscored the 10% of the brain issue, because it is very important to realize that being in human form is incredibly limiting ( except when it isn’t). I also agree with what you said regarding the law of attraction. Some of my blogettes may disagree with me here, but the popular Secret and company material is commercialized, analogous to mass produced McDonald’s hamburgers instead of organic food that is carefully and consciously grown and cooked with love. They both provide some nutrition but not the same frequency.

    So much to take in…..

    love ya,
    litebeing ( only my higher self knows if this is a truthful moniker,lol)

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi litebeing!

      I will definitely write back to comments. Who doesn’t love comments?

      What I meant to say is that I won’t be able to answer questions in the comment section. Not because I don’t want to, just because it is easier for me to do it in a video. I’m going to play around in WordPress and set up a page for convergence questions that I’ll pull out of the comments as they come in. Not that you need to come up with them. I watched the video this weekend and there are a few things that I need to clear up before we move on. Including a few points that my guides made while I was taking notes.

      I am very grateful that we have law of attraction teachers here and that it is becoming more mainstream. I don’t have a complete understanding of it but I do like that there are so many perspectives on it. Personally, I think we all find what is right for us at the time so I just keep my eyes and ears open to whatever I come across. Everything new helps me synthesize old information or look at my belief system or what I experienced to see if it resonates. I do believe this will become more and more prevalent in the future.

      I’m actually reading a great book by Greg Kuhn which links how we think and how it’s changing. His website is here and I think he has made much readily accessible in layman’s terms.

      You are totally a litebeing! I can feel it from here!
      Big hugs,

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Kellie,

      I’m so glad you liked it! As I watched the video later in the day after I posted it, I realized that I need to share how this has worked in my life which is how I learned it. I really think that we need practical applications and examples to provide resonance. So much of this goes through the heart and it can look the same on the outside so if I don’t ask for someone’s intention and motivation then I don’t know why they get a different result than I do when I take the same action.

      I’d love to read a blog post on how you did this!

      Much love,

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  3. Michael

    Hi Sarah,

    Been a busy week, so tough to keep up sometimes, but I’m glad I was able to watch this. I’m not sure I have any questions, but might just write about a few things that resonated or sparked, and maybe they will be helpful for you as well.

    I particularly liked the point you shared about changing people and the intentions in our communications with others. I am going through a challenging nexus here these days, and it revolves partly around the feeling I have that a group of people I involved with fairly closely could really “up its game” if certain individuals made some choices that freed up a broader spectrum of possibilities. While I can almost viscerally feel that, the fact that it does not occur becomes a challenge. End result: you really want to change people sometimes, do you not!?! Ha! But I think you are wholly accurate about the conversation comes next. Most often I find I’m frustrated because I think the way in which someone is acting, or holding the cards, is limiting me, (and aha!), this is why we insist they must be changed. We’re convinced, and it feels obviously true, that other people are the throttles on our experience, our happiness, our peace of mind, whatever… But the next grander version of reality I think you are trying to explain is that we are not, perhaps, nearly as limited by these “limiting situations” as we may think. Without this quantum business, we really would be stuck perhaps. But given the non-linear reality you are trying to express, and given every being is ultimately at their core an expression of pure Love, there are way more possibilities than we imagine. Believing there is only one track requires we change everything within it. Believing there are as many tracks as are needed to accommodate any and all desired experiences paints quite a different picture. And insisting on changing someone kind of locks us into the “one track mind…” 🙂 Going into a situation to claim and express who we are, opens the door to other tracks, perhaps?

    I’ve also often thought about what you said about all of us being so many different people. I think that is hard for people to wrap their minds around. I hardly know who I am on this one little track! For me it helps to know that what I experience as my “self” at the deepest, truest core of my being, is who I am, on all tracks. There’s no distance between who I experience as the heart of my being here, and anywhere else. I am One. It isn’t like you need the IQ of Bill Gates x 144,000 to keep track of all this, or that it would even help if you could keep track of it all. For me, what does any of this matter? It matters because it is the only way (maybe?) that One Wholeness could differentiate and experience separation, and do so in a way that allowed each individual portion to recover wholeness through their own journey. It is as if everyone in the whole world is playing a character in my play, like the Truman Show or something (and I’m Truman), and doing so completely selflessly to allow me to have a particular experience or path to wholeness, or path to creative expression, etc. But simultaneously, myself and everyone else are doing the same for you, being precisely who you need to offer you the experience you desire. It boggles the mind, but it is so beautiful to contemplate… 🙂

    It takes the quantum zoo to make this possible. But the point for me is not to get hung up on the technical details, because Love has all that under control. The point for me is to recognize that sometimes, the people who are driving me batshit, are truly giving me the gift of being able to see a particular block, or giving me the chance to make a particular choice. They will continue to drive me batshit until I move through what my higher self, to use the terms you are using, is intending. Then, their part is done, they are free to change completely! Sometimes we make a tough choice, then look back and discover the other person has really transformed as well. Why couldn’t they have been that way before!? Because neither one of us were then, the persons we are now… Unbelievable!

    As far as worrying about “who I am” when thinking of all these different timelines and beings, it helps me to keep it simple… We’re all One, differentiated in unity– and so again, Love has the technical details worked out. The most important thing for me is to recognize the patterns with which I am dealing, honor them, move through them, get angry at them, throw shit occasionally, meditate, look at the stars, etc. The egoic me never existed anyway. We are all fluid, multi-dimensional, grace-filled beings at our core. We are all the SAME fluid, multi-dimensional grace-filled being at our core.

    So, hopefully I didn’t do too much rambling.


    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Michael!

      It has been a busy week. And please know I don’t expect people to watch all of my videos. The next one ended up very long and I will be breaking it up at a later time. It seems to be that my guides want me to talk and that’s how stuff comes in because I’ll write it out later but that’s my process for now.

      I don’t think you rambled at all. What you shared is exactly how I view the world. Everyone shows up in my life to provide an opportunity for a response to be evoked. You sooo hit the nail on the head with this one for me and I talk about in the next video. It truly does boggle my mind!

      And I totally agree with you that Love has all the technical details worked out. So we don’t have to worry about that. We just need to trust in Love or God it Jesus whoever we associate with Divinity.

      I have to tell you I was in goosebumps reading your entire comment. I’m so glad you commented. May I add you to my prayer list?

      Much love in Christ,

      1. Michael

        Hi Sarah,

        I had goosebumps a few times myself in putting together my feelings into words. This is one reason I write. It is a way of pulling in clarity and discovery for me. The realizations that came out of this are still kind of ringing through me and going to work on many levels of my whatever it is multi-track reality we were just talking about.

        As to being on your prayer list, it seems in some sense that such has already been established through the responses mutually evoked in our dialogue, but I’m all for calling a spade a spade, because on the other hand, I’ll admit to needing all the help there is. (Thank you.) 🙂

        Much Love

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