Convergence: New Houseguest



We have a new elemental houseguest.

(Yes, I know.  Didn’t I learn after the tree elves? I did. You’ll see where this is going.)

On to the story…..

Sitting at my desk two weeks ago I noticed that there was a person-like being on my desk. It felt playful and impish. It was about 6 inches tall.

I noticed it because I was having a conversation in my head about whether I wanted to eat some candy or not.  Then I noticed that someone else was trying to enter the conversation.

This was the first time that I’ve consciously noticed someone pushing a thought. (Thought pushing happens. Most people don’t want to know about it so they don’t pay attention. The only thing unusual about this occurrence is that I noticed it as thought pushing which is a big deal for me so I point it out. Woohoo! Yay me!)

I didn’t know what this being was. It didn’t feel like a fairy to me and I didn’t pick up any Earth elemental energy that I knew of.  It wasn’t a gnome, elf, troll, salamander, fairy, the list could go on.

I could tell it looked humanoid but was either wearing a hat or had a pointed head.  It wasn’t male or female. It was both. This was a first! And it was excited that I could see it. It was jumping around excitedly and making faces to get my attention!

This is the closest image I could find. Add a little more pointedness to the top of the head and that’s perfect.


bird elf

Have you read Harry Potter?  It felt like Dobby the house elf.

I emailed the dragon (who was also at work on the other side of the state) and called Mike to come take a look. It didn’t feel ominous. It felt childlike and playful. Similar to fairy energy but not the same. I have learned a little about being careful around new elementals and beings in general so I sat and observed for a bit.

I had a piece of cake from the office birthday celebration sitting on my desk. The being wanted the cake. I thought I would put it in the trash and emailed the dragon about it. He confirmed what I was feeling. It didn’t want it in the trash. It wanted it on the desk. It was fascinated by utensils and eating off of plates. That much I had figured out. I let it play with the plate.

Not that anyone else could see it anyway.  They just wondered why I wasn’t eating my cake.

I did give it some paper clips that I attached in a loop and it really enjoyed what a friend of mine calls “shinies.”  It was very interested in everything on my desk. I was surprised that it found office supplies so intriguing.  They’ve been around for awhile. Nothing new here.

I started getting to know it. Mike had encountered these beings before so I checked in with him later for confirmation and to understand more.

I tried calling it “him” or “her” and it does NOT like that.  It does not have the same disdain for being called “it” as a human would.

First, I asked it what it wanted to be called. It came from another place (universe, dimension, I don’t know yet) where they don’t use language like we do.  If you are in touch with Spirit, you know that Spirit language is about feeling, not words. You don’t always needs a name to recognize someone.  Where it is from, they don’t need names because they are recognized by their energy.

It searched around a little in my brain for noises and sounds that we use for words and found a combination that it liked.


And yes, it must have the exclamation point at the end. Chazzup! was very adamant about this.

So, what have I learned about this being from somewhere else who is now stuck here on Earth?

Chazzup! and his fellow….beings…are companions where it is from.  They live with humanoid creatures (and some not humanoid creatures) who care for them and keep them for company. Chazzup! doesn’t eat anything. It doesn’t need food. It thrives on attention and needs it to survive.

Chazzup! has never been to Earth before and doesn’t know how it got here. I was the first human to see it and I took it home with me because I don’t know when there will be an opening for it to go home again. I figured if it thrives on attention and no one else saw it until me, I needed to tell you about them so you can look for them as well.

Chazzup! does act like a hyperactive kid. It likes many of the same things that elementals like – shiny baubles, music, dancing, tools and objects that are used to manipulate other objects.  It was enthralled by the stapler!  It runs, jumps and bounds over objects. It can jump about three feet up in the air.

It has long sleep/hibernation cycles.  Chazzup! will play for several hours, sometimes almost all day bounding around the apartment then will look like it got shot with a freeze ray and collapses into sleeping/hibernating wherever it is.  This looks very comical and I can see why they are kept as companions. Chazzup! is extremely entertaining when it is awake and then it rests for awhile. It can be hours or days so far. Mike says that they have been known to sleep for years but I haven’t found that yet since it’s been a whopping ten days that we’ve been together.

I did bring Chazzup! with me to my last Reiki share and Sparkles the dragon came too. They have become fast friends.  Sparkles is pretty excited to have someone to dance with all the time.  I put on Pandora and they have a grand time in the living room.

Chazzup! loves it when the kids are here too and spends much of his time in my boys’ room playing with their toys with flashing lights and buttons to push and cars that roll across the floor.   It’s very much like having another child.

I’m glad that Chazzup! doesn’t seem to be down about not being wherever his home is.  I have had to explain that I don’t know if we can get Chazzup! back to where he came from. Luckily he is getting enough attention from Sparkles here that he is comfortable.

I am concerned about the future though. While I’m glad I found Chazzup!, I wonder what has happened to any others of his kind who have not been found. (If there are any others at all.)   There are energetic processes that I’ve been seeing which result when beings are not interacted with in a compassionate manner.  I won’t get into them here but this is weighing very heavily on my heart.  Yes, this is a post about what happens in my life but it’s indicative of a larger mechanism. I love Chazzup! and I’m happy to help as I can but I’m wondering how many more are out there and what else is coming.

We need to learn to see them and how to care for them. I’m going to talk to my guides and Mike about it. Please send them love.

I love you.



9 thoughts on “Convergence: New Houseguest

  1. litebeing

    This is fabulous! I must see Harry Potter and soon! I am getting so many signs about these stories. Your visitor is adorable. Since he likes to sleep a lot and is fascinated by mundane items and is childlike, my guess is that cats would enjoy his company too!

  2. Hordes

    Hmm, Chazzup! reminds me of a tulpa, because he needs attention just like they do. Regardless, congratulations on your new house guest!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Hordes! Interesting. I had to look up that word. You are such a wealth of knowledge! I dont know the difference between them or how to tell where they came from. Thank you and much love!

  3. Esther

    Holy Cow! Feeling into it, it appears to me that Chazzup! (Love it’s name!) is not lost, not here by accident, not kidnapped etc. It feels to me like vibrationally they are able to be here now. It can’t explain how it got here because A) we wouldn’t be able to understand and/or B) it’s a way of locating(that word was put in my head) that it uses but doesn’t know what is under the hood, so to speak…just like how I know how to drive but don’t know anything about the machinery of a car.
    I see you holding a thread to its home and it holding a thread to your energetic home, both pulling this enormous universe a little bit closer together.
    Also, I had a deep and instant connection to Dobby when I first read about him long ago!
    Enjoy your new guest!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Esther!

      Thank you. I feel what you mean but I dont have the words for it. I do love Dobby too. Chazzup! is having a good time but we had to explain keeping some areas neat. We gave it its own area to play with toys. Big hugs!


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