Monthly Archives: December 2014

See You in Dreamtime

After this past week and especially the winter solstice, life is unlike I ever knew it before. It is too long to explain right now but it is glorious and totally unknown. This is the body I need right now and I am grateful for all of its strengths and opportunities for expansion as I continually adjust to how it operates here.

I have not always shared my expansion experiences on this blog because what is exhilarating to me is frightening to some people who do not share my view of life. Continue reading


2014-12-18 Body Update

Changes in the new body. Shifts in temperature regulation, stronger intuition, nutritional changes. Thoughts on expression of differences to others. Returning to the Earth plane. Self-love’s link to intuition. Running the gauntlet processing new emotions and accolades from guides. Continue reading

Looking to Spread Some Christmas Cheer?



Hi Loves,

I don’t talk much about how I spend my time and money for charity. My guides and angels are giving a big push on this one, though. If you are an empath/HSP who is having trouble picking up others’ energies or if you are not feeling well empath or not, go directly to the bottom of this post now. Continue reading

2014-12-16 Update Part 2

Body changes the morning after Saturday’s dreamtime. Thoughts on our physical experience being an illusion/real, the video game analogy, being One, the Now moment. Painting results from the Now moment. Effect of a conveyance modality on myself and friend. Getting a new body and adjusting to it. Learning how to connect in the new body.

Much love!


I Need Your Help


Hi Loves,

I will blog about the specifics later but today I need your help.

I am having difficulty after the energy shift on December 13.

Please send love (and light if you are moved to do so).

If you have never sent energy before, here is one of the simplest ways to send love and loving energy to someone. Continue reading