I Need Your Help


Hi Loves,

I will blog about the specifics later but today I need your help.

I am having difficulty after the energy shift on December 13.

Please send love (and light if you are moved to do so).

If you have never sent energy before, here is one of the simplest ways to send love and loving energy to someone.

First, bring to mind something positive and loving that makes you very, very happy. This can be how you feel when your cat purrs in your arms, the love you have for your child, best friend, partner or family member, the way you feel when a baby smiles at you or whatever warms your heart.  The more specific the feeling, the more powerful the energy.  This means the more attached you are to that feeling or memory, the more powerful the energy you will send.

Second, set the intention to share that feeling with someone else.  Setting an intention is simply making a decision. It is a direction of free will. Decide that you want to share this feeling.

Finally, move that energy to the recipient.  Many people like to visualize but do what feels natural to you. Feel into moving the energy to the other person. You can picture loving energy leaving your heart and going to their heart or surrounding them. You can imagine putting some of that loving feeling into an envelope and sending it to another person; remember to imagine them receiving it as well.

At the end, ask the Universe, God or your guides to cut any cords between you and the recipient if you do not know how to do this.

Thank you very much.

I love you.


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