2014-12-16 Update Part 1

A great big thank you for all the love you sent me!!!!  Thank you. I’m feeling much better because of you.

Grounding with new fire elemental help. Synching grounding visualizations with a friend. Thoughts on body work. Awakening experience of Now moment.

Disturbing vision during dreamtime.

Much love!


2 thoughts on “2014-12-16 Update Part 1

  1. Michael

    Hi Sarah,

    I enjoyed the reminder of Archangel Michael– a friend I haven’t thought of in a while, but always a powerful presence when summoned. I also appreciated the meditation on how dependent we are on so much that is beyond our conscious control. It really brings you back from the madness sometimes just to realize that! I think it actually goes together with the Archangel Michael (or lack thereof) experience you described… Sometimes the most powerful help is right there, hidden in the bushes out of plain sight, ready to step in if needed, but allowing us to have the experiences we need or have attracted or created. How much does our experience change to realize this is so? It is the same with the body, and maybe just keeping this realization handy can help us shift our interpretation or experience of what is happening just enough to take in the fuller picture, to be more receptive, etc. It is helpful to me right now, anyway, so thank you.

    Much Love

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for the comment. I was very confused when this happened. As time passes, more became clear. It was very important for me to see if I had any fear left as well. I’m so glad it was helpful. Your posts have always been significant markers for me whether you knew it or not.
      Much love and peace,


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