See You in Dreamtime

After this past week and especially the winter solstice, life is unlike I ever knew it before. It is too long to explain right now but it is glorious and totally unknown. This is the body I need right now and I am grateful for all of its strengths and opportunities for expansion as I continually adjust to how it operates here.

I have not always shared my expansion experiences on this blog because what is exhilarating to me is frightening to some people who do not share my view of life.

I’m not scared of dying or losing anything or anyone.  I have attached and let go of everything that is important to me. Then re-attached as a different person. I have few routines and habits because I change so fast. I have created and destroyed myself so many times that I know I AM. Sarah is whoever I want her to be.

I am comfortable falling now. I choose the identity of Sarah because I love it here and have created a life I love.

And a few weeks ago I told my guides, the Universe, God, my Higher Self and whoever was listening, “Send me whatever it is. I can handle it. I will reinvent Sarah again.”

And they did. They sent me as much as I could handle.

Being is different now.

It is everything and nothing like I thought it would be.

My time chronicling my journey on this blog has come to an end.

I have work to do now. Fun, playful work. I’ve mastered being Sarah.  And I still want more playmates. So I’m devoting my energies to teaching what I have learned.

My awakening support clients remind me every day of how difficult it is here. In response, I am developing and channeling a self-mastery course to accompany my WonderWork workshops. The energies have shifted drastically and I’m jumping in to help sooner than I planned.

Oh well, I’ll figure it out as I go.

I have one more convergence video to post on this blog before I transition my video making over to my website when it’s completed.  There is information you need to know that I’ve been sitting on for a while waiting to discuss. The blog will still be up until I feel otherwise. I may make a few changes but my WordPress activity will be greatly diminished, if at all. When my website is completed, I will have the link on my About page.

I would always love to stay connected on Facebook and Twitter; my activity and content will be changing there as well. I am excited to jump down another rabbit hole and I promise you….

It all works out.


I love you.


14 thoughts on “See You in Dreamtime

  1. Gwendolyn

    I’m so in tears…. I don’t understand… I’m so happy for you and I’m sad this part of your journey needs to come to a closure….it’s bittersweet and I wish you great blessings ~ you are such a beautiful person; the work you have done and will do I’m sure will be even more rewarding and lucky to have you where you are needed …. Awh 😦

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Gwendolyn, my Thanksgiving buddy,
      This was hard for me because it was the last thing I was holding onto. As soon as the time is right for me, I will post the last convergence video and I have much, much to create here on Earth.
      Be sweet to you and let the tears out. I cried mine too but I promise something glorious and bigger than I ever imagined is around the corner. Keep close to angels; they whisper it. I love you.

  2. Spiritual Warrior

    Same here, I’ve seen this over the past couple of years amongst fellow lightworkers, we move away to take some time to ourselves, but something seems to reel us back in to our calling of sharing the Light, the Love and the Blessings with others.. For me it is that empathetic response of knowing that if just one more soul is blessed by one of my daily postings then it was worth logging back on! Much Love & Blessings.. Namaste’

  3. Hordes

    For me, it will be sad to see you go…but at the same time,it’s wonderful to see where you will be going, and the new adventures you will have! Good luck, and have a great time 🙂

  4. Michael

    This sounds quite exciting for all, Sarah! Wishing you much beauty and joy on this path into the unexplored. Thank you for all that you have shared here in this form. It is greatly appreciated and has been helpful.

    Much Love

  5. kellie@writingmoment

    OMG Sarah! I could almost cry, I will really miss you on here! Your posts have been so inspiring and your comments on my posts were always always so encouraging, thank you so much for that 🙂

    I know that you whatever your next steps are, they will be the right ones for you. I had a few weeks off from WordPress over Christmas/ Summer (in Aus!) and can’t believe I missed this post, hope you are still reading the comments.

    Best of luck with everything, wonderful WP friend xxx

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Kellie,

      It was tough for me to let go of but later I could see why. This was the last thing I was holding onto that I needed to release.
      I’m still around, though! I’m still making videos and Spirit is showing me new manifestations. I do feel that eventually we will get to have that cup of tea together. That would be lovely. I hear bilocation is making a comeback so I’m putting it on the list! I love you and we are only a tweet away!

      1. kellie@writingmoment

        Yes I feel we will have that cup of tea too…for now may be just a tweeted one! ha ha. Ok now that I just looked up bilocation, sounds fantastic 🙂 I will definitely still check out your videos, I love hearing about your journey. Hugs back xxx

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