2015-02-24 Update

Wow.  It feels so odd to post here now.  I let it go and let it go and let it go.  (I missed you guys!)

Most of my videos are on Youtube now. I made one the other day and have been waiting for that convergence video I promised you to surface through me and Spirit says this one is it along with what I’ve been working on.

Convergence involves both outer and inner space – universes overlapping in our outside experience and ascension of 3rd dimensional identity and descension of 5th dimensional identity within a body.  It is a crazy ride!

Spirit also asked me to start a dream blog where I post my dreams from the night before. You can find it here.

I’ve missed you and hope you are well. Life has been moving fast and, as I learned from Michael, I’m responding to what comes.  Big hugs!

13 thoughts on “2015-02-24 Update

    1. Michael

      I finally came back… 🙂 Some exciting info, Sarah! I like the description of the ciphers and of new ways of experiencing. I don’t know where I quite stand in all this– meaning, I just am where I am and I can’t explain it, though it feels like there is a cementing of something new occurring behind the scenes perhaps. There’s a deepening sensation of magnitude it seems. As if now I’m doing some of the same things, but don’t lose sight of the horizon. I liked what you said about leaving neutrality– I think it helps to understand that you have to express to create, and to express you have to pick a direction from out of the possible. Not that every direction cannot be a reminder of all directions… 🙂 But there is nothing “wrong” perhaps, with moving in and out of the tug and pull of the active reality simulacrum…


      1. sayyestoeverything Post author

        Hi Michael!

        *gives you a big hug*

        Thank you so much for commenting. I feel just like what you’re saying. We do have to pick a direction and choose what we prefer. We can’t stay neutral if we want to create. And none of it is “wrong.” It only leads us to the next step and knowing there is something more and how supported we are exciting to me.

        I’m thinking of you hard today. I’m going to pick up a copy of ACIM. I’ve been having a hissy fit with my guides and I need some redirection.

        I’m really enjoying your short fiction. Can’t wait for the next installment!


      2. Michael

        Hi Sarah,

        It is funny what you wrote about having a hissy fit with your guides. I was just thinking earlier this week about a short story where a character realizes he or she must do something different than his or her guide was suggesting. It was just an idea I was pondering on during the ride to work or something.

        I hope if you get ACIM that you find it helpful. It strikes me as a big commitment! You strike me as moving at light speed, so it will be interesting! I think, based on your response to my post about response (none intended), that you might consider A Course of Love, too. But you will know what you are drawn to, I am sure of that. ACIM was most helpful to me in understanding the appropriate configuration of things. Which I know doesn’t make any sense, but given there are so many layers and nuances to experience, how do we know which to put stock in where there is a seeming disparity? That is where ACIM has helped me tremendously.

        Keep us posted!

        Much Love

      3. sayyestoeverything Post author

        Hi Michael,

        I really am constantly amazed at all the synchronicities. That story sounds extremely fascinating! I’ll be over to finish your short fiction series shortly. I found myself in a similar situation recently with rather dramatic results. I’ve been wanting to make a video on it but the one guide I am working right now says wait so I’m being patient (which is new for me).

        For some reason, ACIM is not working out. I keep attempting to get copies and then ACOL shows up instead. Hmmm? So, I guess I’ll go with that for now. I was going for ACIM because I was intending to put my ego in perspective. It was skewing my experiences but recently I had another wake up call which seems to have me right-sized for today. ACOL does sound very interesting. I even ended up on a blog earlier which mentioned (only in one sentence and that was it!) the interplay (or interference) of a holographic universe and the law of attraction in a discussion of ACIM. I left a comment hoping they had elucidated further elsewhere so maybe I’ll hear back. Who knows? The more I breathe, the less I know.

        Out of curiosity (that just looks like it’s spelled wrong), which did you start with? Hmm…now I have follow up questions but I’ll leave it there. And if you’d rather I contact you another way, let me know.

        In peace,

      4. Michael

        Hi Sarah,

        I began with ACIM, about 15 years ago. I had done a vision quest in which the difficulties of what I’ll call “my own mind” were made quite apparent. The real challenge for me was, at the end of the day, achieving the confidence and understanding necessary to rely on the sovereignty of my own heart. It’s perhaps not easily explained in short, but when you begin to face the difficulties/misperceptions you’ve managed one way or another to accept over the course of your life, there is a process of distinguishing the genuine and the real from the false. The Course (ACIM) speaks of something called “level confusion” and this is where we assess the condition of things by what is appearing in the world of phenomena. We get peace, and our true nature, which are both abstract, eternal and unchanging all mixed up in the world of forms and colors and circumstance. And in so doing we sometimes get the order of things confused. They get bound together in ways that are confusing to the heart.

        This is essentially what I experienced in my retreat– the enormity of this difficulty and the realization I didn’t have the tools to navigate it. I stumbled across the Course (ACIM) a few weeks later. It was a decade and change before I came across ACOL, but that is when I would say I was “ready”.

        I think what the Course (ACIM) describes as illusion is simply this confusion, this misperceived mingling of spirit and matter. When we witness them in the proper relationship, there is no confusion, and Love is able to arise naturally.

        So, anyway… that is a brief brief brief synopsis. Hope you are well!


  1. Ariadne

    This is my first time seeing you in video. I shall share your brilliance in facebook, if you don’t mind. ><

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi KL and welcome!

      I’m thrilled that Litebeing thought of me. (She is a sweetie.)
      I’m headed over to your blog now. I’ll comment and then you’ll have my email address.

      In peace,


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