Today’s Answered Prayer – A Two-way Gift

holding hands

Saving this as my reminder that I always, ALWAYS, always get what I ask for or something better.

I posted on Facebook a few days ago that I want a heart like my son’s. He always gives what he has no matter how much it is and he loves to do it.

Today Spirit led me to the drugstore across the street at work and through an entire series of synchronicities allowed me to gift a portable radio headset and batteries to a homeless developmentally disabled man. I was led to where to stand, what time to go, the whole shebang.

I was led to stand by the magazine rack which I rarely visit. Anthony had $2 and wanted the radio and asked me for cash which I didn’t have. So I stood behind him in line when he checked out and put our purchases together to pay for them. Read the box for him and picked out the batteries he needed for it.

Please keep Anthony in your prayers. He had purchased a radio earlier because the cashier knew him and asked about it but it was taken by someone. We talked for a little bit and I had to let him know my name was Sarah, not Mommy. He really likes to listen to Michael Jackson. That’s his favorite.

Anthony left with his radio and the two cashiers turned to me and asked if we were together. I said, “No but he wanted to listen to music and didn’t have the money so I wanted to help him.” I guess he comes there a lot because they seemed to know him. It was the first time I’d met him.

I hope I see him again. He was going from person to person asking for help. It was not easy watching how people shied away from him with his speech difficulty and difference between his emotional age and chronological age.  God made him perfect and he was so bright and pure to me. And he was such a gift to me today that I needed at exactly the perfect time.

I’m sharing this for myself so I can remind myself that God always answers and that my true nature is expressing Love in whatever form the moment calls for.

I received a wondrous gift today.

I love you.

Go express your love today.

17 thoughts on “Today’s Answered Prayer – A Two-way Gift

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi AlyZen! Thank you for the comment and kind words. It really is so wonderful the way it works. I’m so happy to hear you’ve been enjoying quite a bit of synchronicity too. Much love!

  1. Ka

    Oh Sarah…. ❤ So glad you shared this with yourself for always we are guided to those who need us and in turn we are always given what we need. In this moment, I truly believe that. ❤ Back and forth….. ahhh… just like rocking and soothing… is give and take.

      1. sayyestoeverything Post author

        Hi Ka!
        Excuse the winky face. In the interface I was using, your comment only said, “Oh Sarah” and a winky face was the best reply I could come up with for that. But I’m thinking that it looks good there so I’m just leaving another comment now that I see your full comment.

        Yes, I totally agree with you. That flow back and forth is so vital to me.

        There is that little voice that says don’t share that. You’re just puffing yourself up but I’m usually encouraged to just share my life and I wrote an entire post I didn’t even put up about what the beginning of my morning was like before I went to the store and this was exactly what I needed. Maybe some day we should a Drafts Blogging Challenge. Post all the stuff that never made it to the blog. LOL!

        Have you ever read the children’s book The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsh? It’s one of my favorites.

        Much love,

      2. Ka

        Hi Sarah,
        I couldn’t find the reply button on your reply below. I didn’t realize that all of what you wrote had transpired. I’m glad you wrote to me about not seeing the whole comment. It’s amazing how many times we may never see the whole thing. I actually didn’t even see that you had an additional reply to the wink you left me. I just took the wink for face value. To me, it was enough. For some reason I came back to this post, not sure why. Love, Ka

  2. litebeing

    Hi Sarah,
    I already thought your heart is GInormous, but I digress…
    I love this post so I can witness love in action. I had a mini exchange today that was less dramatic but still cool The cashier at BedBathBeyond today would not use all my coupons and was returning them. I said keep them and give to another customer. I did not really think she would but seconds later 2 women behind me asked if they could take them and I said of course. They were thrilled and I caught their joy for a moment. I find it much easier to be generous when I have plenty of resources, less so when I don’t. I am learning to be more like your son and give because it feels good to love ❤

    I love you ❤

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Linda, I love that! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t always have these moments but I try to make them when I don’t. I’ll pay for the person behind when I cross the bridge or leave a little love note in a book at the library. Just saying hi to people and smiling is a huge step. I know when I’m not feeling great and someone has done that it has been a huge boost to me. For me, just being seen helps. All I want is a connection.

      I think that is awesome and I heartily endorse coupon spreading.

      I do think you bring up an important point about being generous with resources. I don’t force myself to pretend to be outgoing when I’m not feeling it or force myself to do anything if I feel that I will resent it.

      I think you are doing a great job. And those ladies probably went home all excited about their surprise present courtesy of you!

      You have a beautiful heart. I think the fact that we even consider this a goal is wonderful. I am immensely inspired and very optimistic about our future here.

      And cookies!

    2. sayyestoeverything Post author

      I ended up back here today and I want to share something with you, litebeing. I am always looking for the gifts in my life. When someone donates their coupons or holds a door for me or lets me out in traffic, I tell myself that is God (or the Universe or whichever I’m using at the moment) supporting me. And that keeps fueling me on those days I don’t feel as in tune as I would like.

      So PLEASE know that your kindness is appreciated and we all are in this together. I wanted to make sure you know. There are no small acts and I need your love in this world. Hugs!

      1. litebeing

        Thank you Sarah for your timely comment. I have not been feeling well the past few days and it has been affecting my outlook somewhat. We all matter and love is everywhere, just not as accessible for all to notice all of the time ( yet.)

        Hugs my friend,

  3. Gwendolyn


    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Haha! I love that you nicknamed Ladybug. I haven’t told you that lately so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it.

      Spirit does send us the best opportunities, don’t they? I’m so grateful that we are in this together. It’s getting better and better.
      Keep your head up. There are big things coming and the future is so bright. Squeeze your (not so) lil guys for me!

  4. Esther

    Oh Sarah! Thank you so much! I have been super busy and have been saving your post like a little treat to read. What a beautiful story! Thank you for teaching us by showing us!

    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Esther!

      I’m so sorry for my late reply. I’ve been going in a lot lately for lots of good stuff and sometimes the housekeeping piles up. Thank you so much for commenting! I’m honored that you saved the post as a treat to read. That means a lot to me. I’m glad you liked the story. I never know what will happen. I just ask for the courage to “show up” as you say. That’s what I saw too lol! Everything is out of my hands. Seems like it’s all I can do. Much love!


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