Two posts in one day!  

Thank you for all the love and everyone who reached out. We have such a great community here. I love it.

I’m feeling better and integrating this new awareness within my body. Right now that just means lots of rest and water.

I wanted to share the many supports I had during the day as I was having my giddy fit. I received offers of help from seven people. At lunch five strangers complimented me. I hit all green lights on the way home. My best friend texted me. (We only talk when guided by Spirit. Otherwise we give each brain melt. LOL!) I talked to a new friend who was perfectly fine that I wasn’t my usual chipper self. And I ate sushi. (Sushi is good.) 

So the universe is still benevolent even when I don’t really want to communicate with it.

Now I’m going to relax into this new mindset I’m learning. And hopefully make a video soon. I miss talking to you!

Thank you again for all the love. I love you!

In love and sushi,



8 thoughts on “2016-03-08

  1. litebeing

    Sushi may in fact be all we really need. 🙂
    I love seeing you here and look forward to a video if you are led to produce one. Sorry I did not reach out to you after reading your last blog, but frankly I am still struggling personally and was not able to follow along with the flow. Meaning that I did not fully understand what you were communicating. So pleased that you were supported. I love you. ❤

    Sushi for Sarah and unconditional love on the house for all.
    Happy Eclipse ,

  2. Michael


    I didn’t realize you were posting here again so also missed the previous. Hope you have been able to integrate the insights into a stable and expansive core once again. You described an experience I feel I recognizing– of being isolated and meaningless. That is the heart of separation I feel. Which is different from the creative differentiaion, or diversity, that arises when we flow into the world as a unique expressions of One Heart…


    1. sayyestoeverything Post author

      Hi Michael,
      Your timing is always perfect! I always love hearing from you.
      I want to say more but I’m guided to end there. Darn it! But I love you oodles. I hope I can share more when this month long transition completes. (To be followed by more I’m sure lol!)
      I love you!


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