2016-04-01 Update

Pinkie Pie Party box surprise

My birthday was yesterday. It was magical.

Letting this lie fallow for a bit while I jump into some new passions.

I’m not leaving, just leaning into this new blended embodiment and it doesn’t feel like it will be here right now. If I can be of assistance, get in touch by leaving a comment on my About page and I can email you smiley faces and penguin jokes and we can chat.

I’d love to say more but I’m moved to keep it brief for now.  All is well – even better than well. I just don’t know the word for what is better than well. But I don’t know words for much of what I experience.

I’m starting to like it that way. 😉

Love and cookies,



P.S. Pinkie Pie is totally my spirit animal. She loves parties, fun and even sees the future just like I do. If I had to pick a pony, she’s it.  The dragon sends me Pinkie Pie memes all the time. LOL!


12 thoughts on “2016-04-01 Update

  1. Esther

    Awesomeness! Rock on girl! I too feel like I took a 90 degree turn! A lot of newness to explore! Have fun!!!

    1. Jellybean Post author

      Hi Soul Release!
      Thank you so much. It really is such a joyful experience and I’m enjoying the new evolutions. I’m so happy to hear it resonates.
      Love you oodles,

    1. Jellybean Post author

      Thank you, Frederick! You are so right. I will be back. Just a bit of a hiatus here until I’m moved again. Maybe I’ll run into some of your bird friends. They certainly have a lot to tell us. Lol!


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