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2016-03-07 Journal entry

I sat down yesterday to journal and Spirit started channeling. 

We’ve been working with Sarah on attachment. She has convoluted ideas on how to manifest. There is no judgment but the path you have chosen is multi-faceted. Be patient. Enjoy the journey. Work with what we give you. Be honest with yourself. It is not always necessary to explain to others. They will find the truth in who you are. Love yourself.

Changes will be coming quickly in the next few weeks. Let go of expectations and return to Source frequently for reconnecting. There are many layers and facets to what you are becoming. Sarah is crucial to this. Do not deny her for a preference for Source. She has lessons to learn and unique methods to acquire to apply these lessons. 

Leave others’ methods to them. We are with you in this and guiding your development slowly and purposefully. Again, we feel in you a persistence to research to see how you can adapt another’s modality. This is not why you came. You came to create something new. The more you relax and the more you allow yourself to be guided, the easier this will be.

You are distracted. That is all for now. Be well and know all is unfolding according to Divine Will. You are an instrument of joyful Divine Will. Enjoy this blessing.

The Nine

So of course I asked for clarification on the convoluted manifesting. They said that I was going to learn new words for it but the process I was using was acceptable. 

Don’t worry. I think I’m through my snow for this season. Finally took my lil guy snow tubing. Spring is looking good.

Love and cookies, 



Spirit Message: A Call to the Early Birds for 2016

This came in as I was preparing to begin my New Year’s Eve festivities.  They jumped right into the message and kept it short and sweet as I was ramping up for a big night. I asked where to share it and the answer was here. Happy New Year!

01/05/16 symbol

A Call to the Early Birds

Community is something which is much talked about. Much work has gone into building communities to support those in the early stages of awakening.

We speak today to those in the throes of crisis. Those who have awakened years and decades ago knowing there was something grander ahead. You have lit the way as the “early birds.” You have toiled and built and spread communities; you focused on outreach and bridge building. You have talked to newcomers, taught them about energy bodies and listened to their struggles.

As a “founding member” of the community, it is now time for you to pass the torch to the ones coming up. It is not for you to retire although you may be out of the scene for a bit, but for your own further development. The planetary alignments and energetic momentum of 2016 bolsters new development in healing modalities, arts, sciences and mediums of communication. This incoming wave of light moves swiftly and is aligned with crystalline structures in your bodies that await activation.

As wayshowers, it is necessary to sometimes go within, to pull out what needs to be shared. To be clear, this is a solitary journey and will not look like anything you have experienced before. It is necessary to pull back from the communities you have built, not to abandon them, but to continue on your own journey to bring in new ways of being that can be shared at the completion of this learning cycle. Be assured the support is there to continue these communities and opportunities are needed for the newly awakened to “step up” and fill these positions.

The beginning of any journey is fraught with questions. It is the element of the unknown. Know that we are with you and there is only cause for celebration. Remember when you had a party and everyone brought you presents? This is your time. Legions of light await your opening and willingness to receive and integrate these gifts, to make them yours and have you learn how to use them and when to share them. We are overjoyed at the possibilities and wondrous miracles contained within you.

You have already come so far and the year ahead promises to be full of mountains with glorious vistas! Do not shirk the journey because it appears steep. Ask for angelic assistance at every step of the way and it is guaranteed. We are honored to be bearers of this message and grateful for your willingness to expand your aura of light.

Be well and know we are One.



Full Moon/ Eclipse Opportunity for Channels and Mediums – September 25-29, 2015

There is a unique opportunity provided by the planetary alignments of this weekend. Energies are available now through September 29th due to the process of angular momentum and fluxes through dynamic horizons. (My apologies that I cannot explain what these are yet. My own physics knowledge is still developing.)

There is a call for female channels and mediums to gather together to hold these energies so they may come through. The energies and entities available for communion are related to those which influenced and shaped Egyptian and Etruscan civilizations. The content of the transmissions is to be focused on presenting information which will provide multiple solutions or courses of action to take for current challenges facing the populace. Being stressed is the fact that more than one option is being presented and it is important to weigh the options and how to share them in the most appropriate manner possible. The emphasis here is on choice and multiple options with the power in our hands.

Do not be dismayed or fearful if you do not recognize the energies. This alignment presents a unique opportunity for us that is not commonly available. Connect with your guides or those in Spirit you trust for confirmation if fear arises. The energies are difficult to hold by a singular member which is why the call is for a collective.

2015-07-24 Update

Whew!  It’s been a long time but feels so good.

My longest video ever after the unintentional hiatus. For some reason, I took notes and worked from them for this video. I’ve made a few that I don’t post here because this is my journey. If you want all the videos I make,  YouTube will gladly sign you up.

If you left a comment and I didn’t write back yet, I’ll be catching up this week.

(Surprise! Youtube didn’t do a screen capture for some reason. You won’t be looking at trees for the video. It’s me.)

Includes a recap for new followers.

Personal history starting with focus on self-love and spiritual awakening.
Body issues through awakening including grounding, leaving the body and difficulty maintaining form.
Household makeup and introduction of house dragons and interdimensional entity here from convergence.
Convergence and its relationship to ascension with personal convergence example.
Discussion of personal work with consciousness, expanding awareness, love and benefit of working with body elemental.
Why I started working with only one guide.
What daily life looks like and tools I use.
Current opportunities after releasing identity
A new member of our household from overseas.

Much love!

Feeling off, Loves? Here’s some help.


Posted at the request of my guides.

I came down with some interesting symptoms tonight after feeling off for several hours. In the shower I began channeling and learned this is due to a shift and energetic process which is crossing several dimensions. For this particular shift there are specific beings (the unicorns and pegasi) you can call upon if you are feeling off or having emotional, psychic, or physical symptoms. Ask for their assistance or use the words below.

I call on those beings who love me unconditionally.

I call on those beings who love me unconditionally.

I call on those beings who love me unconditionally.

I ask for your love, guidance and protection. 

I seek assistance from the highest realms of the unicorns and pegasi.

Hold me in your love. Cradle me with your wings. Carry and protect me through this transition.

I ask this be done in accordance with the highest good of all.

Thank you.

Feel free to express your appreciation, gratitude and love for this assistance in your own words.  Rest and be sweet to you in whatever form that resonates.

2014-10-11 Update

Moving from choice to a response. My responses in daily life and with portal opening. Changes in sharing with my best friend. Taking moldovite bath salts on a walk. Message about community and the plant kingdom. Joining a mediumship development circle. Interesting effect of drinking a kale booster smoothie. Grounding issues. A wet energy discharge with dragon help. New crystal friends. Continue reading