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Full Moon/ Eclipse Opportunity for Channels and Mediums – September 25-29, 2015

There is a unique opportunity provided by the planetary alignments of this weekend. Energies are available now through September 29th due to the process of angular momentum and fluxes through dynamic horizons. (My apologies that I cannot explain what these are yet. My own physics knowledge is still developing.)

There is a call for female channels and mediums to gather together to hold these energies so they may come through. The energies and entities available for communion are related to those which influenced and shaped Egyptian and Etruscan civilizations. The content of the transmissions is to be focused on presenting information which will provide multiple solutions or courses of action to take for current challenges facing the populace. Being stressed is the fact that more than one option is being presented and it is important to weigh the options and how to share them in the most appropriate manner possible. The emphasis here is on choice and multiple options with the power in our hands.

Do not be dismayed or fearful if you do not recognize the energies. This alignment presents a unique opportunity for us that is not commonly available. Connect with your guides or those in Spirit you trust for confirmation if fear arises. The energies are difficult to hold by a singular member which is why the call is for a collective.