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2016-04-01 Update

Pinkie Pie Party box surprise

My birthday was yesterday. It was magical.

Letting this lie fallow for a bit while I jump into some new passions.

I’m not leaving, just leaning into this new blended embodiment and it doesn’t feel like it will be here right now. If I can be of assistance, get in touch by leaving a comment on my About page and I can email you smiley faces and penguin jokes and we can chat.

I’d love to say more but I’m moved to keep it brief for now.¬† All is well – even better than well. I just don’t know the word for what is better than well. But I don’t know words for much of what I experience.

I’m starting to like it that way. ūüėČ

Love and cookies,



P.S. Pinkie Pie is totally my spirit animal. She loves parties, fun and even sees the future just like I do.¬†If I had to pick a pony, she’s it. ¬†The dragon sends me Pinkie Pie memes all the time. LOL!


2014-04-21 Update

Drinking and blogging sounded good tonight. Who knows where the idea came from? I don’t really care.

Little one in bed. Showered and back from a run. ¬†Had salsa and chips for dinner. ¬†It’s a beautiful night out so I figure I’ll write on the balcony. ¬†I’ve been doing nothing but writing lately. As soon as I come home, it’s usually some combination of getting dinner together, going for a run, journaling, jotting down messages for a book I’m working on, playing video games with the little one and asking my boyfriend to help with any part of that I need help with. ¬†A lot of self care lately.

But tonight I’m feeling more like myself. Gave up a lot of stuff. Decided it will work out however it will work out and all I want to do is wear my fairy wings around the house and play. Play, play, play! ¬†That’s really what I love to do and what makes me feel most alive. ¬†It feels good to feel like me again.

Now, what to write about? ¬†Hmmm…..I don’t know. I’m not in the mood for heavy metaphysical stuff or working on ourselves. ¬†It will all come anyway. ¬†I want to enjoy now.

If you were here, I’d offer you some wine or juice or whatever you’d like and we could talk. About whatever you wanted. I don’t have guilt and shame anymore. I gave up on that too. So, we can talk about whatever. ¬†Once my friends and I start drinking it usually ends up about sex. EVERYONE wants to talk about sex. Gets your blood boiling. You get worked up. You trade stories. LOL! ¬†

Texting my lover as I write. Should be fun later. We could talk about you and your sex life. What it’s like to fuck a dragon and how every spirit that knows wants to channel while I do it so they can feel him. They have some amazing network! ¬†They’ve got nothing on Verizon. ¬†We’ll talk about your latest escapade or what you really want to do or heard of that you haven’t tried yet.¬†

Sometimes people get sad when they drink but it doesn’t usually last too long over here at Casa SeizeOneDay. ¬†I like to break out Twister after some wine and attempt to get on the floor and get tangled up with people. ¬†We end up on the floor in a pile laughing. ¬†Someone who thinks they are too old to be playing says they hurt something and then they have to sit out and be the spinner. ¬†

Selfies don’t happen too much but there’s always someone taking pictures. ¬†Nothing says love like posting embarassing pictures of your loved ones on Facebook! ¬†After all, doesn’t everyone need a picture of your best friend trying to disentangle himself from a pile of people and losing his belt? ¬†

Pretty much a lot of playtime over here.

When the kids are up, we have tickle fights, Mario Kart races, and jumping on the bed. I love going to bounce houses because I get to bounce too. What fun! Make fart jokes, look up silly cat videos on YouTube. Attempt to make some gourmet mac and cheese with $30 dollars of cheese that you have to remove the rind from in order to grate….have kids refuse it and ask for the “yellow cheese.” ¬†LOL!

So, what do you want to talk about?  

I’ll keep writing when I need to in order to get stuff out but what topics do you want to hear about? ¬†Thinking I’ll start a drunk blogging list and just ramble. It sounds good right now. I’ll probably like it tomorrow too. ¬†The only difference between me drunk and sober is that I don’t ask for permission before I hug you. And I might ask for a piggyback ride. ¬†I’m just a big kindergartner. I like it.

Have a blessed night. Do something outrageous.