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2014-04-21 Update

Drinking and blogging sounded good tonight. Who knows where the idea came from? I don’t really care.

Little one in bed. Showered and back from a run.  Had salsa and chips for dinner.  It’s a beautiful night out so I figure I’ll write on the balcony.  I’ve been doing nothing but writing lately. As soon as I come home, it’s usually some combination of getting dinner together, going for a run, journaling, jotting down messages for a book I’m working on, playing video games with the little one and asking my boyfriend to help with any part of that I need help with.  A lot of self care lately.

But tonight I’m feeling more like myself. Gave up a lot of stuff. Decided it will work out however it will work out and all I want to do is wear my fairy wings around the house and play. Play, play, play!  That’s really what I love to do and what makes me feel most alive.  It feels good to feel like me again.

Now, what to write about?  Hmmm…..I don’t know. I’m not in the mood for heavy metaphysical stuff or working on ourselves.  It will all come anyway.  I want to enjoy now.

If you were here, I’d offer you some wine or juice or whatever you’d like and we could talk. About whatever you wanted. I don’t have guilt and shame anymore. I gave up on that too. So, we can talk about whatever.  Once my friends and I start drinking it usually ends up about sex. EVERYONE wants to talk about sex. Gets your blood boiling. You get worked up. You trade stories. LOL!  

Texting my lover as I write. Should be fun later. We could talk about you and your sex life. What it’s like to fuck a dragon and how every spirit that knows wants to channel while I do it so they can feel him. They have some amazing network!  They’ve got nothing on Verizon.  We’ll talk about your latest escapade or what you really want to do or heard of that you haven’t tried yet. 

Sometimes people get sad when they drink but it doesn’t usually last too long over here at Casa SeizeOneDay.  I like to break out Twister after some wine and attempt to get on the floor and get tangled up with people.  We end up on the floor in a pile laughing.  Someone who thinks they are too old to be playing says they hurt something and then they have to sit out and be the spinner.  

Selfies don’t happen too much but there’s always someone taking pictures.  Nothing says love like posting embarassing pictures of your loved ones on Facebook!  After all, doesn’t everyone need a picture of your best friend trying to disentangle himself from a pile of people and losing his belt?  

Pretty much a lot of playtime over here.

When the kids are up, we have tickle fights, Mario Kart races, and jumping on the bed. I love going to bounce houses because I get to bounce too. What fun! Make fart jokes, look up silly cat videos on YouTube. Attempt to make some gourmet mac and cheese with $30 dollars of cheese that you have to remove the rind from in order to grate….have kids refuse it and ask for the “yellow cheese.”  LOL!

So, what do you want to talk about?  

I’ll keep writing when I need to in order to get stuff out but what topics do you want to hear about?  Thinking I’ll start a drunk blogging list and just ramble. It sounds good right now. I’ll probably like it tomorrow too.  The only difference between me drunk and sober is that I don’t ask for permission before I hug you. And I might ask for a piggyback ride.  I’m just a big kindergartner. I like it.

Have a blessed night. Do something outrageous.