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Today’s Answered Prayer – A Two-way Gift

holding hands

Saving this as my reminder that I always, ALWAYS, always get what I ask for or something better.

I posted on Facebook a few days ago that I want a heart like my son’s. He always gives what he has no matter how much it is and he loves to do it.

Today Spirit led me to the drugstore across the street at work and through an entire series of synchronicities allowed me to gift a portable radio headset and batteries to a homeless developmentally disabled man. I was led to where to stand, what time to go, the whole shebang. Continue reading


Personal Creative Power and Divine Will

I woke up this morning thinking about creating, our creative power and Divine will.  In particular about some closure I was given recently regarding my two miscarriages.

Presently, I have one child born from this body. My seven year old son is a source of joy and constant learning. He keeps me busy! The dragon has an eight year old son who is with us every other weekend but spends the rest of his time with his mother who lives three states away.

I’ve been with the dragon for five years now and my mother called this week to ask what we were doing for our second wedding anniversary. Evidently it is tomorrow. I didn’t know. I don’t keep track of it.

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