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Conversation with spirit guide

I’ve recently decided to start channeling again. I haven’t channeled or consciously talked to my spirit guides in years. Maybe the next blog post I can go into why. For now, here is the conversation I had when I sat down for my regular morning meditation. It took a whopping ten seconds for me to hear a voice.

N: I am here.

Me: Do you have a name?

N: Na-Wen

Me: getting paper and pen

N: I will wait.

Me: ready to write

N: Do you hear me?

Me: Yes.

N: Good. We can begin. Where do you want to start?

Me: I would like to trance channel.

N: Why? Didn’t you just read that staying conscious would be of more benefit to you? (Referring to a book on learning to channel that I’ve been reading)

Me: Yes. (Thinking to myself this would make a good blog post.)

N: You can share it if you want. (Referring to a blog post) It could help a great many but there is no hurry. It will come in time.

Me: Why don’t I feel you?

N: Are you trying?

Me: No. I thought I would feel different. I feel like me, nothing other.

N: We are connected. Feel for me now.

Me: (feeling for him and I feel a firm boundary)

N: You are more permeable because of who you are. Plus, you asked for me. (Referring to my previous night’s request for a high level benevolent guide to channel.) I have been working with you for some time. It is good to talk like this, more directly. I enjoy the camaraderie.

Me: (wondering to myself if he will be the guide that I channel)

N: No. But I can get you to that place. I do not want to be channeled. I like my own words.

Me: What do you mean? You like your own words?

N: I like how I transmit thought. I do not want you to interpret it into sound. It is harsh to me.

Me: (Stopped writing to put my hair up then went back to read what I had written to get in the flow again)

N: Keep writing. Get right back in to stay in the flow. You think too much. You and most of humanity. Not surprising but not beneficial. You would do well to feel and meditate more. It’s easier and more fun.

Me: Easier for you maybe? I can’t say that it’s always easier once you’ve taken form for awhile here, especially if you have others that you care about.

N: Yes, that happens often. Do you want to know how to alleviate it?

Me: Yes please. I’m not trying to be disrespectful but I’ve met an entity or two who didn’t want to incarnate for precisely that reason.

Me: (Received an idea to make old blog posts password protected and offer it to current subscribers then put newer content on the blog)

N: Do it. That will help you. You need an outlet. You’ve kept too much to yourself.

Me: Ok. I’m not sure… (My son woke up and came out of his room. The day begins.)

To be continued.