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2015-07-24 Update

Whew!  It’s been a long time but feels so good.

My longest video ever after the unintentional hiatus. For some reason, I took notes and worked from them for this video. I’ve made a few that I don’t post here because this is my journey. If you want all the videos I make,  YouTube will gladly sign you up.

If you left a comment and I didn’t write back yet, I’ll be catching up this week.

(Surprise! Youtube didn’t do a screen capture for some reason. You won’t be looking at trees for the video. It’s me.)

Includes a recap for new followers.

Personal history starting with focus on self-love and spiritual awakening.
Body issues through awakening including grounding, leaving the body and difficulty maintaining form.
Household makeup and introduction of house dragons and interdimensional entity here from convergence.
Convergence and its relationship to ascension with personal convergence example.
Discussion of personal work with consciousness, expanding awareness, love and benefit of working with body elemental.
Why I started working with only one guide.
What daily life looks like and tools I use.
Current opportunities after releasing identity
A new member of our household from overseas.

Much love!


New Houseguests – Respecting Sovereignty and Balance

I now have an apartment full of tree elves.

Here is what happened.

Yesterday I was practicing my psychic seeing sense with Freyja and Stella. Later that night, the dragon and I were on the balcony. I was paging through a book I had just gotten on Norse mythology and asking the dragon questions about the different realms on the map included in the book.

I noticed there was a large group of beings that had shown up and I get the word “elf.” I asked Stella and Mike if I had gotten that correct and they said yes. I talked to them for a bit. Well, I talked to their king. The rest of them were silent, to me at least. He wanted my help with something. I didn’t have any idea why he would want my help but I’m always up for helping if I can. Continue reading