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2016-03-07 Journal entry

I sat down yesterday to journal and Spirit started channeling. 

We’ve been working with Sarah on attachment. She has convoluted ideas on how to manifest. There is no judgment but the path you have chosen is multi-faceted. Be patient. Enjoy the journey. Work with what we give you. Be honest with yourself. It is not always necessary to explain to others. They will find the truth in who you are. Love yourself.

Changes will be coming quickly in the next few weeks. Let go of expectations and return to Source frequently for reconnecting. There are many layers and facets to what you are becoming. Sarah is crucial to this. Do not deny her for a preference for Source. She has lessons to learn and unique methods to acquire to apply these lessons. 

Leave others’ methods to them. We are with you in this and guiding your development slowly and purposefully. Again, we feel in you a persistence to research to see how you can adapt another’s modality. This is not why you came. You came to create something new. The more you relax and the more you allow yourself to be guided, the easier this will be.

You are distracted. That is all for now. Be well and know all is unfolding according to Divine Will. You are an instrument of joyful Divine Will. Enjoy this blessing.

The Nine

So of course I asked for clarification on the convoluted manifesting. They said that I was going to learn new words for it but the process I was using was acceptable. 

Don’t worry. I think I’m through my snow for this season. Finally took my lil guy snow tubing. Spring is looking good.

Love and cookies, 



My one week snow anniversary

One week ago today I made it snow for the first time.  I didn’t even know I could do that!  EEEEEE!!!!!!!  I’m still super excited!!!!!!


The dragon saw me in all my glory, giddy as a schoolgirl, watching it on the balcony and jumping up and down and screaming. He asked how long I was going to make it snow since he wanted to go out later so we capped it around 20 minutes. But it was sooo beautiful!