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Written Conversation with My Spirit Guide

writing nib

I’m used to talking to Stella my guardian angel, other angels and masters and doing what feels good. I’m currently working with one guide right now and it’s work.

And a work in progress.

I’ll make a video shortly to explain a little more about what happened and why I tuned the others out. For now, that brings you up to date quickly. I call my guide “M” here. This is this morning’s conversation that made it onto paper after beginning in my head. Continue reading


Gratitude List


There are so many wonderful things in the world and I want to take some time to remind myself of some of them.

I am grateful for:

brown bunnies in the snow
a steaming cup of tea first thing in the morning
willingness to look for what I want to see in the world
the help I receive when I ask
being willing to ask
learning a new language and a new way of viewing the world
functional eyes to see the steam rising off my cup of tea
fuzzy slippers on a cold morning
smiles from strangers for no reason
being bewildered and be-wondered by how life operates
a skirt that is fitted over the waist and hips and swirls when I dance
willingness to take action when I don’t understand
being comfortable with falling
a man who listens and supports me
learning new ways to relate and new beings to relate with
happy dancing fairies
my son who still reaches for my hand when we walk
willingness to be wrong so I can grow and see with new eyes
trusting myself and the process
all the help I have and the wacky ways it shows up
knowing that my ego is not me (such freedom!)
St. Germaine
meeting new friends who feel like old friends
being able to type, to walk, to sing, to dance, to make love
quinoa pasta, chia seeds and wheatgrass powder
dream followers

Wishing you a magical day, Loves. Big hugs!

Personal Creative Power and Divine Will

I woke up this morning thinking about creating, our creative power and Divine will.  In particular about some closure I was given recently regarding my two miscarriages.

Presently, I have one child born from this body. My seven year old son is a source of joy and constant learning. He keeps me busy! The dragon has an eight year old son who is with us every other weekend but spends the rest of his time with his mother who lives three states away.

I’ve been with the dragon for five years now and my mother called this week to ask what we were doing for our second wedding anniversary. Evidently it is tomorrow. I didn’t know. I don’t keep track of it.

Continue reading

Starting Work with my Body Elemental

I’ve been getting signs and messages to move towards becoming vegan. How I feel about this could fill a book so I will simply say that I am willing to do this. A friend of mine sent me some books that helped her and I’ve been reading them. I also purchased a new blender because mine went MIA mysteriously.

Stella suggested that I go slowly to ease the transition. I would start with the green smoothie suggested in the book and eat the way I wanted for the rest of the day. Yesterday was day one. It was a blend of romaine lettuce, spinach, apples, a banana and lemon juice. It was different. But I definitely felt lighter after it and not as heavy.

I’d also been guided to re-read a book I have called Healing with the Fairies. I picked it up again yesterday and through a combination of synchronicities started thinking about my body elemental. I didn’t have any direct knowledge of my body elemental and didn’t know that there was such a thing until my friend started talking to hers several months ago. I wasn’t guided to pursue it so I put it on the list of things I’d like to investigate in the future. Continue reading